Friday 5.10.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

5/23 Summer Slim down virtual seminar
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Fat Grip Wide Grip Pull Ups 3/4 x 5-6


– Buy In –
1k Row
– Then w/ Remaining time AMRAP –
20 Barbell Rows
10 Push Press


Fat Grip Barbell Curls 3 x 10



Every 2:00 x 6 Sets
10 DB Split Squats
10 DB RDLs
– Then –
20-30-40-50 MB or DB Squat Cleans
40-60-80-100 Double Unders


– Strength: Take 3 sets to warm-up for strict Wide Grip Pull-ups today then perform 4 sets of 5-6 reps per set. If Athletes are performing partner assisted for their strength work today, their 3 warm-up sets will include Banded Lat Pulldowns: 3 x 10. All these sets should be challenging sets – Athletes can add weight do so in the form of band resistance, dip-belt with added weight, or DB between feet, but if you’re able to use fatgripz most will not need additional weight as this increases the demand on the forearms. The wide-grip increases the demand on the lats and should be outside of shoulder width.
– Metcon: This is an easy workout to underestimate, but we want to remind Athletes that we are shooting for maximal repetitions with push press/rows. I’d like to see Athletes complete a total of 100 rows and 50 push presses. For that to happen Athletes need to go light with their barbell choice and aim to complete as many rounds as possible. Their 1k should be HARD pace, roughly 80% and about 20-30 seconds off your best 1K row time. There are purposefully more rows than there are presses in this workout. For Athletes to safely put weight overhead they should be rowing more than they’re pressing.