Monday 5.13.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

5/23 Summer Slim down virtual seminar
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Sumo Deadlift, blocks 1RM



30 Back Squats
50 Russian KBS
30/24 Calorie Bike


Reverse Hypers: 4 x 15



“Wyatt Earp”

15/10 Calorie Bike
15 Sumo Deadlifts
15 Sit Ups
– Rest 3:00 –
15/10 Cal Bike
15 Back Squat, from rack
15 Ball Slams


– Strength: The goal today is to build to a Sumo Deadlift from blocks over the course 7-9 sets. Remember, 1+ means 3-4 singles building to a max. The bar should be set right below the knee. The purpose of the deadlift from blocks is less range of motion – working the top range with supramaximal loading (for most Athletes at least.) Some may find they are weaker at this range of motion, but most will be able to pull more weight than normal. This allows Athletes to build confidence and maximal strength.
– Metcon: Today’s benchmark is meant to be done at 90%+ effort. This means loading should be challenging, but not at the level that Athletes are only able to perform sets of 5 – we want challenging sets of 10 for the back squats and Russian swings. These back squats should be done from a rack so consider running heats that are separated by 3 minutes. This workout purposefully ends with a concentric leg builder – 30/24 calorie bike. This workout should leave Athletes on the floor in some serious pain after. The time cap is meant to push people today – it’s okay if Athletes do not finish under it.