Tuesday 5.21.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

5/23 Summer Slim down virtual seminar
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1a: Push-ups 3 x submax
1b: Strict Chin-ups 3 x submax


12 Burpees
9 Single Arm DB Hang Power Snatch each arm
6 Single Arm DB Push Press each arm
– Rest 60s –


1-Arm DB Rows: 3 x 25 ea.



200m Run
200m Farmers Carry
30 DB Strict Press
30s Handstand Hold
40 Alt. DB Snatch
40s RKC Plank
50 Box Jumps
50 Air Squats
60s Holding Your Breath (just kidding 🙂


– Strength: Today we are performing a superset of submax push-ups and submax strict chin-ups. Submax = 1-2 reps less than failure. These should be hard sets. Athletes need to rest the full 2:00 after both movements. There should be no breakdown in form. The purpose of this work is local muscle endurance training, but also reinforce good mechanics and training the triceps, delts, and biceps. Athletes should use a medium grip for the chin-ups today. Also, rep counts will likely fall off on each subsequent round which is okay today – but if the drop is drastic this is a sign that you are lacking in the local muscle endurance department i.e. rounds should for push-ups/chin-ups should look something like – 30/10, 25/8, 22/7
– Metcon: Today’s metcon should be a hard 80%-85% effort. Athletes have 60s rest after each completed round which will allow for partial recovery. You should pick a challenging pace and try to maintain for the duration of the workout. This workout is built to allow Athletes to be able to push relatively hard while staying aerobic – the burpees, if you are not efficient, will likely be the deciding factor though. How we mitigate relying on anaerobic metabolism is ensuring proper breathing on the Burpees – this where Athletes often make the mistake of holding their breath or simply NOT being mindful of their breath control.