Friday 6.7.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

THIS WEEKEND || To kick off CrossFit Main Line’s Summer Slim Down 21-Day Program, we’re hosting complimentary InBody Scans at both locations this weekend! Wayne athletes can accurately check their body composition on Saturday; Ardmore on Sunday! Celebrate your progress!



Split Jerk 1RM


“Grip Blaster”
For time with an empty barbell:
75 Barbell Rows
50 Barbell Curls
50 Triceps Extensions
50 Barbell Rows
75 Hang Power Cleans


Half Kneeling high-low banded wood chop: 3 x 10



“Double Helen”
3 Rounds
800m Run
42 KB Swings
24 Pull-ups/Ring Rows


– Strength: Today we are retesting our Split Jerk 1RM. We’ve tested a push jerk and clean & jerk not too long ago, but not a split jerk from the rack. Either way, you should still have an idea what to shoot for today. Keep in mind that you’ll have plenty of time to warm-up. Additionally, all of the movements in today’s grip baster are in the warm-up.
– Metcon: Today’s “metcon” is more of grip tester. This is done with an empty barbell on purpose as your forearms will be the limiting factor. Even still, you should challenge yourselves to go for big sets while keeping their form on point. This is a good workout for you coaches to try beforehand – I promise you’ll be caught off guard by this one, especially with the level of muscular pain. Even still, movements should not get sloppy.