Saturday 6.8.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

THIS WEEKEND || To kick off CrossFit Main Line’s Summer Slim Down 21-Day Program, we’re hosting complimentary InBody Scans at both locations this weekend! Wayne athletes can accurately check their body composition on Saturday; Ardmore on Sunday!
Celebrate your progress!



Heavy Sledpush 100m
Heavy Farmer or Suitecase Carry w/ barbell 100m
Stone to Shoulder or Overshoulder
Stone Carry
Bottoms Up KB Carry 50m
Tire Flips


– Strongman work: Strongman work is a great change of pace and will challenge your athletes differently. If you’re unable to perform this work choose from the other option available. There is a lot of freedom here with this GPP work. The purpose of strongman work is it allows to train grip, posture, and oxidative abilities. Remember, that while this work may not look as “cool” on paper the benefits go further for your longevity and health than any high-intensity workout. This work is incredibly beneficial – for more information check this article out here.