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Daily Workout WOD, November 6, 2019


2 mins/side Banded Hamstring PNF Stretch
Then complete 2 sets of:
12 Banded Pull Throughs
12 Romanian Deadlifts
12 Prone WTY Stretches
6-10/side Box HS Shoulder Taps
Deadlift (EMOM x 8 mins: 3 TnG at 80% + 4 Strict Def HSPUs)
Tempo of 40X1 on Strict Def HSPUs
If you can not perform Strict Deficit HSPUs then go with 30 secs of regular Strict HSPUs or Box Strict HSPUs (this is all in the same min)

Rest 4 Mins
EMOM 8 mins of:
1. 10 Deadlifts + 10 Hang Power Cleans
2. 30 sec Max Effort Kipping Deficit HSPUs

Build to a heavy 10/10 Deadlift/Hang Power Clean for the day
If you can use a greater deficit on the HSPUs then the previous EMOM, but ensure you can complete at least 5 Unbroken each time
Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
Complete 3 sets of:
500m Row (HARD)
50 Wall Balls (20/14)
Rest 3 mins

Do not pace your 500m, should be a 90% effort here. Don’t PR your 500m but stay close to max effort so your Wall Balls are not that easy.
The goal is to go unbroken on the Wall Balls for advanced athletes!
There is a Time Cap of 5 mins for each round
Optional Extra Work

Complete 3-4 sets of:
12 DB Incline Bench Bent Over Row
12 Prone Trap Raise
Rest 90 secs

Complete 3 sets of:
8-12 Ring Bicep Curls
8-10 Banded Tricep Pull Downs
Rest 90 secs

Complete 3 sets of:
30 sec Hollow Hold
30 sec/side Side Plank
12 Pike on Rower
Rest 90 secs

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