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Daily Workout WOD, December 20, 2019


2 mins/side OH Banded Distraction
Use the same band and go into a 1 min/side Samson Stretch (increase the overhead stretch and try to get your knee to the ground)
10 PVC Shoulder Pass Throughs
10 Prone PVC Behind the Neck Presses
Then complete 8-7-6 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Strict Press
Hang Power Snatch (Every 90 secs for 15 mins: 3 reps from below knee)
Work up to a heavy but perfect 3 rep. Focus on getting the bar high on your point of contact.
EMOM x 20 mins:
1. 6 Alternating DB Snatch at a heavy weight
2. 1 Legless Rope Climb / 1-2 Rope Climbs
3. 10-15 Box Jumps (30/24)
4. 50ft Double KB Front Rack Lunges (70/53)

Keep a pace and # of reps you can sustain until the end without hitting a wall. You should not work for more than 40 secs on each one of these movements.
Optional Extra Work

Perform one more round of the EMOM

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200m Run
90 secs/side Couch Stretch

Then for 8 mins cycle through:
5/side Dynamic Deep Lunges
8/side Banded Side Clams
12/side Banded Lateral Walks
8 Banded DB Goblet Squats (T30X1)
Front Squat (In 4 sets build to a heavy 5(-2) at T22X1)
13 min Cap
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
Partner AMRAP x 20 mins:
Buy In: 1200m Run (together)

In remaining time cycle through:
2-5 Strict Pull Ups / Jumping Pull Ups / Ring Rows
3-6 Strict HSPUs / 10 Push Ups
15 Jump Squats / Air Squats
Partners alternate through completed rounds of the movements
In the time remaining complete 2-3 sets of:
7-7-7 Barbell Curls
(7 from mid to low, 7 from mid to high, 7 full reps)
Optional Extra Work

Complete 6 sets of:
3 Deadlifts at 82.5-85-87.5-90-92.5-92.5% of 1RM
(no touch and go reps, reset with each rep)

Complete 3 sets of:
12 Prone WTY off of Incline Bench
12/side Side Lying DB External Rotations
Rest 90 secs

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