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Daily Workout WOD, February 6, 2020

06 Feb, 2020


EMOM x 9 mins:
1. 30 sec Alternating DB Hang Snatch
2. 15 sec Bottom of Dip Hold + 15 sec Top of Dip Hold
3. 10/7 Cal Row
Hang Power Snatch (EMOM x 5: 3 reps (build to heavy))
Work in teams of 2
Metcon (Time)
AQAP with a partner complete:
21-15-9 Synchro Hang Power Snatch (115/80)
30-20-10 Strict Ring Dips

Time Cap: 5 mins
For Synchronized Hang Power Snatches they must wait at the top of the lift before going down.
Scale weight so that partners can complete at least 6-8 unbroken reps right from the start.
Dips are worked in teams of 2, one works 1 rests, no kipping.
Metcon (Time)
AQAP with a partner complete 5 rounds of:
30 Synchronized Wall Balls (20/14)
30 C2B Pull Ups

Time Cap: 15 mins

You Synchronize the Wall Balls with the squat in the bottom.
You can attack Pull Ups as desired, one works, one rests.

For 7 mins at the end of class:
1 min/side Pec Stretch with post
15 DB Reverse Flys on Incline Bench (thumbs up)
45 sec/side Side Plank

If you are doing the Optional Extra Work, skip this part and complete it at the end of your workout.
Optional Extra Work

50ft + 50ft Farmer’s Carry
Rest 1 min
50ft + 50ft Sled Push – heavy (-1)*
Rest 1 min
7 OHS from the rack
Rest 4 mins

Every 3 mins for 12 mins:
15-20 GHD Sit Ups
15 Touch and Go Box Jumps Sideways (24/20)
2 min Max Distance HS Walk

*This first part must be performed BEFORE your class. If not, just hit the Farmer’s Carry and the sled part.

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