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Daily Workout WOD, March 17, 2020

17 Mar, 2020


2 mins/side Pigeon Pose
Then complete 2 sets of:
10/side Side Lying Hip Abduction (hold for 6 secs at the top)
8/side Banded Single Leg Deadlifts + Row
300/250m Row
Complete 3 sets of:
12/side DB RNT Reverse Lunges
Rest 30 secs
12/side Double DB Single Leg Deadlifts (rear foot on wall) down in 2 secs
Rest 30 secs
12/side Med Ball Deadbugs
Rest 90 secs
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP x 20 mins:
5 Strict Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
25 DUs / 25 Singles
15 Air Squats

Try to complete the AMRAP with around 10 secs of rest between each exercice for entire workout. If you start tofail then increase to 15 secs between each.
Optional Extra Work

Complete 3 sets of:
10 Prone Retractions (hold for 2 secs)
10 Prone External Rotations of 135 degrees (hold for 2 secs)
10 Banded Prone W to T
Rest 90 secs

Metcon (Time)

2 sets of Rotating TABATA:
Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Plank Hold
(Work through 4 sets of the above exercises, 20 secs work, 10 secs rest, transition to next exercise)

Complete 3 sets of:
8/side Bulgarian Split Squats (T31X1)
8/side Single Leg Deadlifts (anchor foot on wall if needed)
8/side Weighted Deadbugs
8/side Bird Dogs

AQAP complete:
2 min Cumulative Hollow Hold
21 Burpees
21 Toes to Post (can use wall or couch or whatever you can to anchor your hands to)
42 Plank Shoulder Touches
15 Burpees
15 Toes to Post
30 Plank Shoulder Touches
9 Burpees
9 Toes to Post
18 Plank Shoulder Touches
2 min Cumulative Hollow Hold

Record time completed metcon

Archives Previous WODs
200m run
90 secs/side Front Rack Banded Distraction

Then complete 3 sets of:
5/side DB Reverse Lunges
5 DB Squat
5/side Single Arm DB Thrusters
5/side Alternating Single Leg V-Ups
Front Squat (Every 2 mins x 12 mins: 5(-2) reps building)
Start your first set at about 20-30% of your 1RM and then upgrade aggressively until you reach about 65-70% of your 1RM.
We are aiming for perfect reps in the bank today!
Saturday Partay (Time)
AQAP with a partner complete:
A: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - B: 15 Burpees
400m Run together
B: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - A: 15 Burpees
800m Run together
A: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - B: 15 Burpees
400m Run together
B: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - A: 15 Burpees
Time Cap: 18 mins
In the remaining time complete 2-3 sets of:
12 Kneeling Neutral Grip DB Curls (T2120)
12 Banded Reverse Flys (T2120)
Rest as needed
Optional Extra Work

Complete 4 sets of:
2 x 50ft Sled Push - as heavy as possible
2 x 50ft Arm over Arm Sled Pull
Rest 2 mins
(go as heavy as possible on the sled, then switch the weight, fast transition, as heavy as possible on the pull as well)

Every 3 mins x for 15 mins:
35/25 Cal Row

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