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Cardio CrossFit WOD, March 24, 2020

24 Mar, 2020

CFC AHW 3.24.20


Go through 2 sets of each movement before moving to the next one:

High Knees
Double Step
Bunny Hops
Side to Side Bunny Hops
Hop Scotch
Side to Side Skaters
Bear Crawls

If you do not have an agility ladder at home then you can go old school and use a rock to mark the concrete outside, use the tiles on your floor or use masking tape on the floor.
Complete 3 rds of:
30 secs Triceps Dips off box/bench/chair
(feet elevated if possible)
30 secs Rest
30 secs Strict Push Ups
30 secs Rest
30 Secs Jump Squats
30 Secs Rest
Metcon (Time)
AQAP complete 5 rds of:
250m run
16 Ground 2 OH Plate (45/25)
16 Goblet Squats (53/35)
16 Goblet Box Step Ups (24/20)

If you do not have the space to run 250m then complete 1 min of shuttles or 1 min of High Knees.
If you do not have a bumper plate then you can perform 16 Alternating DB/KB Snatches or us a DB, KB or anything you can grab wth two hands to preform the Ground to OH movement.
If you do not have a box then use a bench, chair, couch, stairs or whatever you have available.
5 min Core Finisher
Complete 5 rds of:
10 secs Fast Russian Twist (20/14)
50 secs Slow Weighted Sit Ups

No rest between movements nor rounds. Go immediately from one movement to the next and one round to the next.

Archives Previous WODs
200m Run
90 secs/side Banded Lying Hamstring Stretch
1 min Banded Pull Apart
1 min Inchworm
1 min PVC Good Mornings
1 min Empty Barbell Romanian Deadlifts
1 min Hang Muscle Cleans
Deadlift + Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk (Weight)
Perform the listed movements as a complex
Every 90 secs x 12 mins:
5 Deadlfts + 4 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Push Jerks
(work with 65-80% of your 1RM Hang Power Clean)
Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
Complete 3 sets of AMRAP x 5 mins:
7 Hang Power Cleans(95/65 - 75/55 - empty barbell)
7 Push Press
7 Front Squats
200m Run

Rest 2 mins between sets
Compete AMRAP of 5 mins of listed movements. 2 min rest. Then repeat x2.
Complete 2-3 sets of:
12/side DB Seated External Rotations
Rest 30 secs
20 Banded Pull Apart
Rest 90 secs
Optional Extra Work

Complete 3 sets of:
5 min Run at moderate pace
Rest 1 min walk between sets

Complete 3 sets of:
5 Med Ball Single Leg Hip Thrusts - hold at the top for 3 secs, then hold for 3 secs in the half position
30 secs/side Bent Knee Adductor Plank on bench
Rest 30 secs
30 secs/side Split Stance Paloff hold
Rest 2 mins

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