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Daily Workout WOD, March 25, 2020

25 Mar, 2020

AHW 3.25.20

2 min Jog Warm Up

Complete 90 secs at each of the following:
Downward Facing Dog
Pigeon Pose (Left)
Pigeon Pose (Right)
Couch Stretch (Left)
Couch Stretch (Right)
Puppy Dog
Thread The Needle (Left)
Thread The Needle (Right)

Death By Bodyweight (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Perform 1 rep of each of the following movements at the top of each minute:

Sit Up
Push Up

Add 1 rep of each movement for each minute. 1 rep in the 1st min, 2 reps in the 2nd min, 3 reps in the 3rd min…etc Continue until you cannot complete the required number of reps in the minute. Score is the round you get to plus any extra reps completed.

Time Cap: 20 mins

Once you fail to meet the required number of reps take the next minute off, go back down to a rep number where you have 15 sec of rest and continue for the remainder of the 20 mins.

With a running clock accumulate 4 mins of Hollow Hold.
Break when needed.

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2 mins of Cardio
90 secs/side Hip and Knee External Rotation on Box

Then complete 2 sets of:
8/side Banded Side Clams
8/side Side Lying Hip Abduction
10/side Banded Monster Walk
10 Banded Back Squats (band at knees with empty barbell)
Back Squat (Complete 4 sets of 5 reps at T22X1)
In 15 mins complete the 4 sets at the following percentages:
65 - 70 - 75 - 80% of your 1RM.
Then complete 1 set for max reps at 85% of your 1RM
For 7 mins work through:
10 Shoulder Activations
10 Beat Swings
5 Kipping Work (for whichever movement you will use in the metcon)
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP x 15 mins:
5 Wall Walks
20 Box Jumps with Step Down (24/20)
25 C2B Pull Ups / Pull Ups / Ring Rows
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
Optional Extra Work

Every 3 mins x 15 mins:
1 Power Clean + 2 Squat Cleans + 1 Split Jerk
(Start at 80% of your 1RM Squat Clean

Complete 3 sets of:
5 Ckean Pulls at 90% of your 1RM Clean

2000/1600m Row at 28-30 strokes/min
Rest 2 mins
1000/800m Row at 28-30 strokes/min

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