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Cardio CrossFit WOD, April 1, 2020

01 Apr, 2020

CFC AHW 4.1.20

Spend at least 5 mins on the Foam Roller progressing methodically over the following body parts:
Back of Shoulders
Traps (L+R)
Mid to Lower Back
Hamstrings (L+R)
Calves (L+R)
IT Band (L+R)

If you do not have a Foam Roller then spend 5-10 mins in a total body stretch and warm up
Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)
Complete the following for reps:
2 mins Max DUs
Rest 1 min
2 mins Max Push-ups
Rest 1 min
2 mins Max Sit-ups
Rest 1 min
2 mins Max Air Squats
Rest 1 min
2 mins Max Burpees
Rest 1 min
2 mins Max Alternating Step Ups
Complete 10 rounds of:
Sprint 100m
Walk 100m

If you are unable to run outside then perform 10 rounds of 30 secs fast High Knees, 30 secs rest
Complete 3 sets of:
45 sec Hollow Hold
45 sec/side Side Plank
45 sec Front Plank Hold
Rest 90 secs

Only rest for the 90 secs at the end of each set

Archives Previous WODs
200m Run

EMOM x 9 mins:
1. 30 sec Hollow Hold
2. 30 sec Handstand Hold with feet on box
3. 10 Shoulder Activations + 10 Banded Pull Apart
5 min Technical Work:
Option #1 (Beginner):
Low Bar Pull Up & Over / Jumping
Option #2 (Intermediate & Advanced):
Hips to Rings / Hips to Bar
Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
Complete 4 sets for max reps of:
1 min HS Walk (5ft =1 rep) /Wall Walks
1 min DUs / Singles
1 min Alternating DB Plank Rows (every arm=1 rep)
1 min GHD Sit Ups / Med Ball Straight Leg Crunches
1 min Rest
Metcon (Calories)
In 10 mins with a partner complete Max Calories on Assault Bike or Row
Divide work as desired where one works while other rests
Optional Extra Work

Complete 3-5 sets of:
5 mins on / 1 min off Run

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