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Cardio CrossFit WOD, April 9, 2020

09 Apr, 2020

CFC AHW 4.9.20
ZOOM workout time has been changed to 12:30pm. Please check your email for the link to the meeting.

Alternating TABATA of:
High Knees
Butt Kicks
180 Jump Squats
Walk Outs to Push Up
Complete 2 sets of:
30 sec/side Glute Bridge
10/side Side Lying Hip Abduction (2 sec hold at top)
10/side Side Lying Windmills
10/side Weighted Deadbugs (1 sec hold at top position)
30 sec/side Airplane Hold
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP x 5 mins:
5 No Jump Burpees
10 Push Ups
15 DUs
Metcon (Time)
AQAP Complete 5 rounds of:
8/side DB Snatch (50/35)
25ft Single Arm OH DB Lunges
15 Box Jumps (30/24)
25ft Single Arm OH DB Lunges

Time Cap: 20 mins
You can substitute KB Snatches, KB Swings or
any object Snatches
If you do not have 25ft of space complete
10 Lunges (5 each leg)
Metcon (Time)
AQAP complete:
50 Ball Slams
If you have no Med Ball or Slam Ball then complete
50 Weighted Sit ups

Archives Previous WODs
Daily Workout - Thu, Dec 1

1 min of Preferred Cardio

90 secs/side Hip & Knee External Rotation on the floor


Then for 8 Mins cycle through:

5/side Banded Psoas March

8 Hip Thrusts

8/side Banded Side Clams

8/side Banded Side Lying Hip Abduction

8/side Banded Lateral Walk

8 Banded Squats

15 Hollow Rocks / 15 Sec Hollow Hold

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

In Teams of 5 (Funnel Style) complete 4 sets of:

1 Min Wall Balls (20/14 - 14/10)

1 min Bar or Ring MUs / C2B or Pull Ups / Ring Rows

1 min Assault Bike

1 min Devil's Press (50/35 - 35/25 - 25/15)

1 min Row

Rest 2 mins

Every member starts at a different station

On each set they must start on the next exercise (if I started the first set on Wall Balls, I start my 2nd sets on MUs/C2Bs


In a 10 min window complete 3 sets of:

12 DB Chest Flys

15 Banded Triceps Extensions

10/side Kneeling Alternating DB Curls

Rest 2 mins

Optional Extra Work

Complete 3 sets of:

6 Bench Press (T30X1)

Rest 15 secs

Max (-1) DB Push Ups

Rest 2 mins

Complete 3 sets of:

30 sec /side Side Plank

1 min Front Plant

Rest 30 secs


Complete 2-3 sets of:

12 Prone Snow Angels

12 Incline Bench Prone Trap Raises

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