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Daily Workout WOD, May 18, 2020

18 May, 2020

AHW 5.18.20
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Alternating TABATA
Jumping Jacks
Walk Outs to Push Up
Step Ups (L)
Step Ups (R)
EMOM x 12 mins:
1. 45 sec Front Squat + Lunge
(1 rep = Front Squat + Lunge Left + Lunge Right)
2. 45 sec Max Effort DB Floor Press
(Hold top of a Glute Bridge while Pressing)
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Complete 3 sets of the following 5 min AMRAP:
6 Up-Downs (No Push Up, No Jump Burpees)
8/side Shoulder Taps
10 Lunge to Press
(1 rep = Single Side Reverse Lunge into OH Press)

Rest 1 min between sets
Sart where you left off and record total rounds and reps.
Complete 3 rounds of 3 mins on 2 mins off of:
30 Mountain Climbers (L+R=1)
20 Sit Ups
Plank Hold in the remainder of the 3 mins

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200m run
90 secs/side Front Rack Banded Distraction

Then complete 3 sets of:
5/side DB Reverse Lunges
5 DB Squat
5/side Single Arm DB Thrusters
5/side Alternating Single Leg V-Ups
Front Squat (Every 2 mins x 12 mins: 5(-2) reps building)
Start your first set at about 20-30% of your 1RM and then upgrade aggressively until you reach about 65-70% of your 1RM.
We are aiming for perfect reps in the bank today!
Saturday Partay (Time)
AQAP with a partner complete:
A: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - B: 15 Burpees
400m Run together
B: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - A: 15 Burpees
800m Run together
A: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - B: 15 Burpees
400m Run together
B: 21 Thrusters (95/65) - A: 15 Burpees
Time Cap: 18 mins
In the remaining time complete 2-3 sets of:
12 Kneeling Neutral Grip DB Curls (T2120)
12 Banded Reverse Flys (T2120)
Rest as needed
Optional Extra Work

Complete 4 sets of:
2 x 50ft Sled Push - as heavy as possible
2 x 50ft Arm over Arm Sled Pull
Rest 2 mins
(go as heavy as possible on the sled, then switch the weight, fast transition, as heavy as possible on the pull as well)

Every 3 mins x for 15 mins:
35/25 Cal Row

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