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Cardio CrossFit WOD, June 10, 2020

10 Jun, 2020

CFC AHW 6.9.20
Please check your email for the invite to the 12:30pm ZOOM workout!

400m Warm Up Run
Complete 2 rounds of:
30 sec High Knees
30 sec Butt Kicks
8/side Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats
8/side Foot on Wall Single Leg Deadlifts
8/side Single Leg Glute Bridge
8/side Side Lying Hip Abductions
8 WTY Stretches
eHarmony (Time)
AQAP complete:
30 Single DB Deadlifts
30 Single DB Goblet Squats
30 Single DB Hang Squat Cleans
30 Single DB Power Snatches
30 Single DB OHS
Starting at 0:00 and EMOM thereafter: 5 No Jump Burpees
Switch arms after every 5 reps for 30 total

Time Cap: 25 mins
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
AMRAP x 5 mins:
400m Run Buy In
Max Effort Burpee Box Jumps in remaining time
Complete 5 sets of:
15 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
20 sec Hollow Hold
Unbroken sets, rest as needed between sets

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