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Barbell Club WOD, August 22, 2020

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22 Aug, 2020

BB 8.22.20

Mobility and Barbell Warm Up
Hang Clean (below the knee) + Clean (2 + 1)
Perform the complex starting with a low Hang Clean then a full Clean

Build to a heavy perfect weight
Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift (Complete 3 sets of 8 (RPE8))
Snatch Grip RDL
Behind The Neck Clean Grip Push Press (Weight)
Perform the Push Press movement from a back rack with a Clean grip

Complete 4 sets of:
5 BTNCGPP (building)
Rest as needed
4 Weighted Seated Box Jumps
Rest as needed
Complete 3 sets of:
8 Weighted GHD Sit ups
Rest 1 min
12/arm Side Bends
Rest 1 min