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Cardio CrossFit WOD, August 25, 2020

25 Aug, 2020

CFC 8.25.20

Pump Sesh
Complete 3 sets of:
50 Banded Bicep Curls
50 Banded Triceps Extensions

AMRAP x 5 mins:
DB Bench Press (25/15)
(Aim for 150 reps of more)

Complete 5 sets of:
20 Bent Over or Chest Supported DB Rows

Complete 2 sets of:
10 Bicep Curls on left arm holding right in contraction
10 Bicep Curls on right arm holding left in contraction
10 Bicep Curls with both arms

Complete 10 sets of:
1 Rolling Tricesp Extension
1 Skull Crusher
1 Close Grip Bench Press
(You can use DBs or Barbell)

AMRAP x 12 mins:
100m Run
20 Plank Shoulder Taps with 1 sec pause at top of each rep
5/side Staggered Tempo Push Ups (3131)
20 Russian Twists
10/side Side Plank Reach Throughs

Move through efficiently with perfect reps. Push the run!

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