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Daily Workout WOD, November 10, 2020

10 Nov, 2020


Complete 3 sets of:
6 Banded Pull Downs (6 sec hold at the bottom)
6 Banded Reverse Flys (6 sec hold at the top)
6/side Half Kneeling Bottom-up KB Press

Then complete 3 sets of:
5 Kick up to handstand – down in 3 secs
10 Hanging Scapula Retractions

Push Press (Weight)
Complete 3 sets of:
Max Reps Strict HSPUs (down in 3 secs)
Rest 1 min
Max Horizontal Ring Rows
Rest 1 min
10 Push Press
Rest 1 min

The goal today is to get to a perfect 10 rep max in your Push Press. Do not cheat technique.
For the Ring Rows, put your feet on a box/bench.
For the HSPUs ensure you descend for 3 secs for each rep or switch to pike HSPUs with your feet on box. No strict with Abmat today. Aim for a lot of strict reps with a full range of motion.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
Complete 4 sets of 1 min on / 1 min off of:
Devil’s Press (35/20)
GHD Sit Ups / Feet on Bench Crunches
Row or Assault Bike for calories
DUs / Singles

Aim for your max reps on each movement. Respect the 1 min break between each and push as hard as you can during your working minutes.

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