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Daily Workout WOD, November 13, 2020

13 Nov, 2020


1 min Bird Dog
1 min Dead Bug
1 min Pallof press left
1 min Pallof press right
30 sec top of dip hold
30 sec top of Ring Row hold
1 min Lateral Plank Walk
Bench Press (Weight)
Complete 3 sets of:
Bench Press (building)
Double DB Hang Snatch
Rest up to 2 mins between sets
Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
For Max Distance complete:
10 min Row
10 Min Assault Bike
10 Min Run

There is no break between movements.
Your total score is your total meters.
Enter 3 scores, 1 for each movement.
Ideally perform the movements in order. If there is not enough equipment to go in order then athletes can start on different movements.

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