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Platinum WOD, December 11, 2020

11 Dec, 2020

PL AHW 12.11.20
Please check your email for the invite to our 10:15am Zoom Workout!

Coach Led Warm Up
Deck of Cards (Platinum)
With a full deck of cards (Jokers included) draw one card at a time. Athletes perform the exercise that is assigned to each card:

Hearts – Push Ups
Diamonds – Crossovers
Clubs – Squats
Spades – Burpees

Face Cards – 10 reps
Aces – Repeat last card and 200m Walk / 250m Row
Jokers – 5 of each exercise

Spades will be Jumping Jacks
Aces will be previous card + 100m Walk

Cool Down Stretch

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