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Platinum WOD, March 12, 2021

12 Mar, 2021

PL AHW 3.12.21
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Coach Led Warm Up
Crossfit Games Open 21.1 Masters Foundations (Ages 55+) (Time)
For time:

1 bear crawl
10 jumping jacks
3 bear crawls
30 jumping jacks
6 bear crawls
60 jumping jacks
9 bear crawls
90 jumping jacks
15 bear crawls
150 jumping jacks
21 bear crawls
210 jumping jacks

The bear crawl can be modified by placing the hands on an elevated surface and simulating the walking motion by bringing the knees to the chest.

The jumping jacks can be modified to a “stepping jack” if needed.

Time cap: 15 min

Cool Down Stretch

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