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Daily Workout WOD, March 25, 2021

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25 Mar, 2021


In 12 mins complete:
200m Run
90 secs/side Hip & Knee External Rotation on the floor
In the remaining time cycle through:
10 Dead Bugs
8 Romanian Deadlifts
8 Hang Muscle Cleans
8 Push Presses
Power Clean (Weight)
EMOM x 8 mins:
3 Power Cleans at 60-70% of you 1RM + 3 Jump Squats as high as possible after each set of Cleans

We are looking for perfect Cleans today. Find your groove. Focus on speeding up the bar from the knees to the receiving position.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Partner AMRAP x 30 mins:
800m Run
50 Power Cleans (95/65)
50 Burpees over the Bar (lateral)
50 OH Plate Lunges (45/25lb plate)
50 T2B / HKR

Separate the work as desired. The run can be divided into 100m, 200m or 400m intervals.
Optional Extra Work

Complete 4 sets of:
8-10 Seated DB Strict Press with a neutral grip (T2020)
Rest 30 secs
Max effort (-2) Horizontal Ring Rows (T2020)
Rest 1 min only

Complete 3 sets of:
20 Banded Triceps Pull Downs
20 Banded Biceps Curls
20 Banded Pull Aparts
Rest 90 secs

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Daily Workout - Tue, Mar 21

200m Run

90 sec/side Couch Stretch

Then for 8 mins cycle through:

8/side Banded Side Clams

8/side Banded Side Lying Abduction

8/side Front Foot Elevated Split Squats

8 Shoulder Activations

8 Ring Rows

8 Banded Pull Apart

8 Barbell Strict Press


In 17 mins complete 3-4 sets of:

6/side Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (T20X1)

Rest 45 secs

5 Weighted Strict Pull Ups / Banded Strict Pull Ups

Rest 45 secs

6(-1) Strict Press (pause for 2 secs at eye level on your way down)

Rest up to 2 mins

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

Complete 6 sets of 2 mins on, 1 min off of:

15 DB Front Squats (50/35 - 35/25 - 25/15)

10 DB Push Press

In time remaining complete Max reps of:

Burpee Bar Muscle Ups / Burpee C2B or Pull Ups / 5 Burpees + 5 Ring Rows

The goal here is to have about 1 min to work on your Burpee Pull Up movement, and to use this time to get faster. If you do not have about 1 min to work on them, decrease the weight of your DBs a bit.

In Class Mobility

90 secs/side Pigeon Pose

Optional Extra Work

EMOM x 8 mins:

Mins 1-4: 1 Split Jerk at 70%

Mins 5-8: 1 Split Jerk at 75%

Rest 2 mins

Every 90 secs x 6 mins (4 rounds):

1 Split Jerk at 80%

Complete 2 sets of:

Max Effort DB Push Ups (down in 2 secs)

Rest 30 secs

Max Effort Ring Rows (down in 2 secs)

Rest 2 mins & 30 secs