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Barbell Club WOD, June 26, 2021

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26 Jun, 2021

BB 6.26.21

Mobility and Barbell Warm Up
Complete 5 rounds for Quality of:
2 Muscle Cleans to Squat + 2 Tall Cleans
Slow Motion Clean Pull + Slow Motion Clean + Clean (Build to a heavy but perfect 1+1+1 for the day)
Perform the listed movements as a complex
1 & 1/4 Back Squats (Build to a heavy 5 – 1 sec pause in each position)
Perform the BAck Squat movement where you squat to bottom, come up a quarter of the way, return to the bottom, then squat all the way up.
Complete 4 sets of:
5 Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps
3 Hanging Scapula CARs in each direction
Completeb3 sets of:
12/side Side Bends + 50ft Suitcase Carry
1 Segmented Cat Cow