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Daily Workout WOD, July 5, 2021

05 Jul, 2021


200m Run
90 secs/side Hip & Knee External Rotation on box
Then for 8 mins cycle though:
8/side Front Rack Split Squats
10/side Banded Side Clams (hold 2 secs at the top)
30 sec Bottom of Squat Hold on post
10 Shoulder Activations
Back Squat (Weight)
Complete 5 sets of:
5 Back Squats (T32X1)
Rest 45 secs
45 secs for Max Reps of Strict C2B Pull Ups / Strict Pull Ups / Hard Ring Rows

For the Pull Ups begin with a max rep (-2), then jump back on the bar and get in as many reps as possible in remaining time.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP x 10 mins:
26 Burpees over DBs (lateral)
26 DB Hang Cleans (50/35)
26 DB Push Press (50/35)
26 DB Front Rack Lunges (50/35)
For 8 mins cycle through the following:
20 Banded Hollow Pull Over
30 sec Ring Front Plank
15-20 DB Anchored Sit Ups
Optional Extra Work

EMOM x 10 mins: 1 Split Jerk
(build to a heavy but perfect single)

4 min Row at 24-26 s/m
Rest 2 mins
4 min Row at 25-27 s/m
Rest 2 mins
4 min Row at 26-28 s/m
Rest 2 mins

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