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Daily Workout WOD, September 2, 2021

02 Sep, 2021


1 min Row or Assault Bike
1 min Pec Stretch on post
1 min/side Active Pigeon Stretch
1 min Prone WTY Stretch
1 min/side OH Plate Reverse Lunges
1 min Strict Press – 3 sec pause at the top
1 min Push Press – 3 sec pause in dip
1 min Thrusters – 3 sec pause in the bottom & 3 sec pause at the top
Split Jerk (EMOM x 12 mins: build to heavy single for the day)
If you are not comfortable with the Split Jerk movement then work with 3 reps instead of 1 to practice technique at a lighter weight.
Otherwise try to start with about 70% and build until you reach your heavy 1 rep for the day. This will look more like about 80-90% of your 1RM as you are working with a short rest between attempts.
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Partner AMRAP x 24 mins:
400/325m Row or 25/18 Cal Assault Bike
12 DB Thrusters (50/35)
12 Burpees over DBs (lateral)

A completes full tround whle B rests. Then Switch
Metcon (Time)
AQAP complete:
100 Barbell Curls (75/55)

Each time you break complete 10 Banded Triceps Extensions!
Optional Extra Work

Complete 3 sets of:
30 secs/side Kneeling Paloff Hold
10/side Half Kneeling Banded Rotations
20 Banded Leg Curls
12/side Half Get Ups
Rest 90 secs

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2 mins of Cardio
90 secs/side Hip and Knee External Rotation on Box

Then complete 2 sets of:
8/side Banded Side Clams
8/side Side Lying Hip Abduction
10/side Banded Monster Walk
10 Banded Back Squats (band at knees with empty barbell)
Back Squat (Complete 4 sets of 5 reps at T22X1)
In 15 mins complete the 4 sets at the following percentages:
65 - 70 - 75 - 80% of your 1RM.
Then complete 1 set for max reps at 85% of your 1RM
For 7 mins work through:
10 Shoulder Activations
10 Beat Swings
5 Kipping Work (for whichever movement you will use in the metcon)
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP x 15 mins:
5 Wall Walks
20 Box Jumps with Step Down (24/20)
25 C2B Pull Ups / Pull Ups / Ring Rows
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
Optional Extra Work

Every 3 mins x 15 mins:
1 Power Clean + 2 Squat Cleans + 1 Split Jerk
(Start at 80% of your 1RM Squat Clean

Complete 3 sets of:
5 Ckean Pulls at 90% of your 1RM Clean

2000/1600m Row at 28-30 strokes/min
Rest 2 mins
1000/800m Row at 28-30 strokes/min

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