Weekly Breakdown 11/1/2021

BACK TO NORMAL One of the things I’m most proud of is the environment we’ve created at CrossFit Main Line. For an hour each day, our gym is a place where life is normal and the pandemic briefly forgotten. People smile, talk and workout together. Mental health is improved along with physical health. Thank you to our community for your trust & support. Together we are leading the way back to normal. 


Friday, December 3: CFML – Ardmore Holiday Party 8-10p Ripplewood Whiskey & Craft
Saturday, December4: CFML – Wayne Holiday Party 8-10p La Cabra Brewery


Mon: “Half Hour Power Shower” 30min Max meter rowed, Every 5min 5 MU, 10 Hang Power Snatch, 15 Box Jump Overs
Tues: Strength – Bench Press, “Just The Two Of Us” AMRAP 10 9 Thrusters, 35 Dubs
Wed: “May I Have Another” 7 Rds, Every 3min 200m MB Run, 12 T2B, 9 Deadlifts
Thurs: Strength – Shoulder Press, “Armageddon” AMRAP 10 15 Strict Press, 15/12 cal Row
Fri: RowVember WOD #1, “5 Pull Challenge” Max wattage in 5 pulls. WOD #2 100/75 Cals for Time
Sat: RowVember WOD #3, 30min EMOM Odd: 10 Burpees Evens, Max Cal Row

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CrossFit Games Season Schedule is Here: READ MORE 

  • The Open will still be three weeks, consisting of 22.1, 22.2 and 22.3.
  • Semifinals will still take place over four separate weekends.
  • There are still a lot of details left to be announced, including the release of the full season rulebook, locations of Semifinal events, and registration details.


If there is one skill that will help 99% of CrossFitters perform better in workouts, it’s pacing. While it’s true it takes years to master, there are certain tricks to help you properly pace a workout. Here is a great one from Aerobic Capcity’s Chris Hinshaw.

Use a Towel To Improve Your Double Unders: ODD OBJECT TRAINING.

We’re not talking about grabbing an extra-long towel and using it as a rope (though…might be useful if you’re on the road, we guess?). We mean grab a small towel and perform this drill to help keep your core tight, feet together, and a soft knee. 

The Ultimate Deadlift Checklist: FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL

How can such a simple movement be so complicated? But we all know that setting up for a max deadlift is like studying for an exam. Well, here is the cheat list to help you ace the next test day.

The most livable TOWNS IN AMERICA.

Philly made this with with 95% of residents living within a 10min walk of a park and a carbon-free future.

Health Tip: Avoiding Injury: “Check your ego at the door.” WATCH

“The idea that CrossFit is dangerous is actually not supported in the scientific literature,” says Amy West, MD. Her number-one tip for avoiding injury…