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Daily Workout WOD, November 16, 2021

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16 Nov, 2021


200m Run + DUs / 100 Singles
1 min Wrist Stretch
1 min Plank Shoulder Taps
1 min Inchworms / Walkouts to Push Up
1 min Wall Walks
1 min HS Hold on Wall or Feet on Box
6 mins of Skills Work (Kipping HSPUs)
1. Tripod Work
2. Freestanding HS or Tripod to Extended Legs on Wall
(beginners will do alternating feet on box)
3. HS Hold to Kipping HSPU Hold – 1 sec in each position. HS Hold, down on the head, legs extended, bend knees back to handstand
(beginners do a Wall Walk Hold)
Every 2 mins for 8 mins:
Option #1 – Regular: 8 Box Strict HSPUs + 8 DB Push Press
Option #2 – Intermediate: 1 min Kipping HSPU Practice
Option #3 – Advanced: 4-8 Strict HSPUs + 8-16 Kipping HSPUs
Muscle-ups (Max reps)
For 6 mins:
Max Ring MUs / Banded or Bodyweight Strict Pull Ups / Ring Rows
Every 2 mins and starting at 0:00 perform 40 DUs / Singles

Rest 2 Minutes
Strict Pull Ups (Max reps)
Complete the Pull Up movement with a overhand grip starting from a dead hang to chin over the bar. No kipping nor butterfly movement allowed.

For 6 mins:
Max Strict Pull Ups / Ring Rows
Every Min starting at 0:00 perform Push Ups (15/8)

Rest 2 Minutes
Wall Walk (Max reps)
Athletes start with a Push Up/Press Up, then put their feet on the wall behind them and walk their feet up the wall, while moving their hands closer to the wall, into a supported handstand position. They then maneuver back down the wall until they reach the bottom of the Push Up/Press Up position.

For 6 mins:
Max Wall Walks / Alternating DB Push Press
Every 2 mins starting ay 0:00 perform 20 Hollow to Crunches
Optional Extra Work

Every 2 mins x 10 mins:
2 Hang Power Snatches above the knees + 3 below the knees (heavier than last week)

EMOM x 8 mins:
1-4: 4 Touch and Go Power Cleans (start at 70% of your 1RM Power Clean)
4-8: 2 Touch and Go Power Cleans (build up to a heavy 2 rep – no fails, stay conservative today!)