Weekly Breakdown 1/10/22

Resolutions Will Fail. Good—They Should! Whether we call them resolutions or not, we all set goals around this time of year. They might be broad, big picture goals or more specific micro goals, but we all have them. So will you accomplish every single one of your goals this year or will you fall short? See, here’s the thing: Accomplishing each and every goal you set for yourself isn’t necessarily a good thing. It just means you aimed too low. You played it safe and set goals that were too easy to accomplish. Because if you aren’t failing, you aren’t really growing. Setting goals and building habits is a fine balance between starting small enough that you’re able to build some momentum, but dreaming big enough that you may very well fall short. If you set the right goals for this year, you will inevitably fail at some. And that’s good, because it means you took a chance on real goals that will force you to grow.


Saturday January 22nd: CFML – Ardmore Re-test Day. In-body Scanner and Benchmark WOD. In-body Scanner and Benchmark WOD. Measure your muscle, fat, and hydration and track your progress through our benchmark workout. Learn about some pre and post workout habits and nutrition tips we recommend from our pro shop!
Saturday January 29th: CFML – Wayne Re-test Day. In-body Scanner and Benchmark WOD. Measure your muscle, fat, and hydration and track your progress through our benchmark workout. Physical Therapist Josh Finley will be onsite for some Q&A


Mon: Strength: Thruster 3rm, AMRAP 12 100m Run, 3 Thrusters*, 3 Burpee MUs
Tues: 12rds 5 Box Jumps, 10 Push Ups, 15 KBS
Wed: Strength: EMOM 10 T2B & Push press, For Time 400m Run 18-15-12-9 T2B, Shoulder to Overhead 
Thurs: EMOM Rowling, For Time 1000m Row, 12 DB Up Downs, 65 Dubs, 800m Row, 12 Renegade Rows, 55 Dubs….
Fri: Strength: Overhead Squat 2×3, EMOM 16 20 Cal Bik, Max Overhead Squats & Hang Power Snatches
Sat: “Runyan” AMRAP 24 21 Burpees, 7 Deadlifts, 10 PUll Ups
Sun: Handstand practice, 10-20-30-40-50 Sit Ups, Wall Balls

Coach Daniel’s Open Gym Workout Of The Week:

6 Rounds (2:30 on/2:30 off)
21/15 Cal Ski
21 GHD Sit-ups
Remaining time, max sandbag over-shoulders
Some advice from Coach Daniel: “​I would recommend going at a pace that you can maintain on the ski and GHDs so you have enough energy left to push the sandbag cleans before the rest. The goal is to have about 40-50 seconds of sandbag cleans so adjust the ski cals and GHDs as needed to accomplish that. Also, you should try to get around the same number of sandbag cleans each round, so don’t go out too fast!

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