Weekly Update: New Strength Cycle, Unbroken Design Pop Up, Week 2 of the Open

We’re not going to pretend the hard times go away. And that we won’t need to do things that we’d rather not. We have commitments, obligations, and bills to pay. But when we find ourselves in a daily loop of non- stop “work”… We won’t feel like ourselves. But it’s not the time we put in at work that causes this. It’s the time we don’t put in on the other things. Our passions. The reason why we get out of bed in the morning. Yet in the furious pace of our lives, we let it fall to the wayside because we need to get “back to work.” The times where we are the most unhappy, are the times where we are the most untrue to ourselves. Redefine to ourselves what sets us on fire. What makes us com alive. And literally schedule in on your calendar like it’s a life saving doctors appointment. Because in truth.. it is.


  • The CrossFit Open week 2. “Unbroken Design” Pop- Up in Wayne 4- 7pm. March 11th Friday Night Lights BYOB
  • REMINDER: March 1, annual inflation increase
  • All membership billing dates will be shifted to the first of the month.


Mon: Strength- 3x 3 Snatch Deadlift+1 Snatch Pull, Workout: AMRAP in 10 MINUTES- Alt. DB Snatch, Rope Climbs
Tues: Strength- Bench Press 3×10, Workout- Death Row- EMOM20, MIN 1 – Cal Row, MIN 2 – Burpees
Wed: Strength- Clean Deadlift 3×3, Push Press 3×3, Workout- 2 ROUNDS FOR TIME: Box Jumps, Push Press, Run
Thurs: EMOM10-Medball Front Squat, Medball Ground to Overhead, Row or Bike, EMOM10- Medball Sit- Ups, Russian Twist, Row or Bike
Fri: Week 2 OPEN WORKOT- 22.2
Sat: FOR TIME- Run, DB Front Squat, Bar Muscle-Up

Sun: Workout- 3 MIN RUNNING CLOCK: Double Unders, 15MIN AMRAP: Wall Walks or Strict HSPU, Deadlifts, Bike

Coach April’s Open Gym Workout of the Week:

  • RX:
    30 Rounds For Time
    500/400m Bike ERG
    3 Muscle-ups
    1 Sandbag Over Shoulder (200/150)
    Sub 1:00 of any form of cardio if no Bike ERG is available
    Modify the Ring Muscle-Ups to Burpee Pull-Ups 1 for 1
    Scale back the Sandbag weight as needed or Sub 1 Power Clean 225/155 if no Sandbag is available
    Time Cap: 60 minutesSome advice from April: “​​This one is all about consistent pacing throughout the entire workout. Stay aerobic but pay attention to minimizing transition time.”

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The Open continues.. week 2. 

It is simple: 1 workout a week, for 3 weeks. CrossFit Mainline will host Friday Night Lights beginning Feb 25th at 4:30PM.  We will all come together for the workout with back-to-back heats from 4:30PM until 6:30PM. It is an absolute blast – and a positive experience that will remain with you for life. The last week, March 11th, will be BYOB with food provided! Also: we have some pretty cool 2022 Open Shirts this year. 

The Ultimate Open Schedule

Should you redo it? When should I rest? What about my regular classes? The Open brings a lot of disruption to your everyday gym life. Check out this schedule backed by science that will help you program in workouts, rest, and yes…a redo.


The Difference Between Lunges and Split Squats

PSA: Lunges and split squats are actually different exercises. Make sure you know the difference between them so when you see them on your program, you can do more than put one foot in front of the other and hope.


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As we complete our first month of 2022 and Quarterly Assessments, we think about how to make “the best hour of your day” even better. Still have a nagging ache or pain? Find solutions so you can move with confidence in 2022. Josh Finley PT brings Olympic level Physical Therapy experience to CrossFit Main Line.
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