Weekly Breakdown 3/28/22

Whether we believe in talent or not is irrelevant. Everyone, however, should believe in hard work. When we were born, we looked just like the next baby. We didn’t have any skills, any separating “talents”. Nothing. We learned everything from scratch. Yet, there is a time in our lives that we thank we can’t learn anymore. That we’re too old to “learn new tricks”. In that moment, remind ourselves that nothing has changed but our perceptions. It’s a self- imposed limit that goes directly against our greatest strength, and what makes us human. Adaptability. The difficult pill to swallow is that when we chalk it up to not having the “talent” it’s really an excuse. An excuse that we don’t want to put in the hard work. When we can see it from that angle, talent doesn’t matter. All that matters now is ho hard we’re willing to think, plan, strategize, and work. 


Mon: “Resting Bike Kelly” 4 Rounds- Cal Bike, Box Jumps, Wallballs, Rest
Tues: Skill: Kipping Pull- Ups, Workout: “Nicole” 20min AMRAP- Max Pull- Ups, Run
Wed: Strength: Squat Snatch, Workout: “Ingrid” 10 Rounds- Snatches, Burpees over Bar
Thurs: “Leading Ladies”- Double Unders, Sit- Ups, Cindy Rounds
Fri: Strength: Split Jerk, Workout: “Grace” Clean and Jerks
Sat: “White”- Rope Climbs, Toes to Bar, Walking Lunges, Run
Sun: Strength: Clean Pull+ Power Clean, Workout: 21min AMRAP- Cal Row, Burpee over Row, Power Clean

#MainlineMonday; CFML’s High Powered Open Gym Workout Of The Week:


  • Every 3min for 6 Rounds:
    12 Cal Cardio Choice

    12 Reverse DB Lunges
    8 Devils Presses

Scaling Options:

  • Decrease cals on machine (should take around 50 secs) Scale weight to make lunges unbroken. Should have about 1min Rest

Some advice from Coaches: “Stay consistent on the Cardio Cals, Steady pace on the lunge, and hang on to those devil’s presses trying to minimize the breaks in between”

#TuesdayTreat; Arrives in your inbox every Tuesday Morning. Check here

#WhatsNextWednesday; Wayne Additional Saturday classes

  • For two weeks we will be adding an 8am on Saturday Morning in addition to our 9am in Wayne. Stay tuned here and WODIFY for more.

#SpotlightThursday; 💪💪Lets finish March strong.

Gain accountability and bring a friend to a Fit U class. Calorie Torching cardio + Muscle Burning Strength. Free class offer ends March 31. Schedule.

#FearlessFriday; CFML’s calorie torching, muscle building workout of the week:

Strength: Split Jerk, Workout: “Grace” Clean and Jerks. Grace is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout that test the sprint capacity of our athletes. This should be a quick burner that leaves you feeling like you gave it all. 

#ShoutoutSaturday; Congratulations to all of the participants of our March Madness Competition. Look for the qualifiers to be announced later in the week

#SelfCareSunday; Revisit your New Year’s resolutions and pick one thing to focus on. Just one.

Sometimes, the best way to build momentum is by securing what seems like a small, easy win. That’s how progress starts to snowball.

Pick one thing, commit, and go from there.

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Three Top Plank Progressions

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Some Five Minute Morning Mobility

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