Weekly Breakdown 4/18/22

Many people fall short of their goals — whether fitness, nutrition, personal, or professional — because they focus too much on the finish line and not enough on the journey. It can be a lot more powerful to focus on habits instead of setting lofty long-term goals because habits are something you have control over today. So instead of focusing on that finish line you may or may not get to, focus instead on the habits that will get you closer to that goal. Once you get through today, do it again tomorrow, and then the day after that until you get a streak going. And if you miss a day, jump right back and focus on consistency over perfection. That’s how you build habits and that’s how you build progress


Mon: Strength: 1RM Snatch, Workout: 3 Rounds for Time- Row, Power Snatch, Back Rack Lunge
Tues: Strength: 1RM Clean and Jerk, Workout: 13min AMRAP- Double Unders, Wallballs, Toes to Bar
Wed: Strength: DB Bench, Seated Band Row, Workout: Burpee Box Jump Overs, DB Carry
Thurs: Workout: “Ava” 20:53 AMRAP- Run, Ground to Overhead
Fri: Skill: Pistol and Bar Muscle Up, Workout: 5×3:00- Bar Muscle Up, Pistol, Bike, Rest
Sat: Workout: Row, Deadlift, Sit- Up
Sun: Strength: Handstand Push- Up, Workout: Run, DB Split Jerk

#MainlineMonday; CFML’s High Powered Open Gym Workout Of The Week:

  • For Time:
    Power Clean + Push Jerk (175/125)
    Calorie Bike
    Time cap: 22 minutes
  • Some advice from the Coaches: “​​Quick singles on the barbell, move steady through the GHDs, and push the bike more than you want to.”

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#FearlessFriday; CFML’s calorie torching, muscle building workout of the week:

  • EMOM x 10 MINUTES: Min 1 – :40 Pistol Squat Practice*, Min 2 – 2-4 Reps of Bar Muscle-Up Practice**
    Workout: 5 x 3:00- 8 Bar Muscle-Ups, 16 Alt. Pistols or 30 Air Squats, Max Cal Bike in Time Remaining, Rest 1:00
  • This is a nice blend of movements today. The BMU will hit the upper body, but they will be coming from a rest so athletes should be able to maintain big sets. The Pistols then give the arms a break and athletes can focus on fighting that leg burn. After it’s time to send the heart rate through the roof with the Bike. The rest will not feel like much in the later rounds, and more so will be a time to quickly come up for air.

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