We all have goals that we’re working towards. Whether those goals have anything to do with an upcoming hero workout or not, it can be hard to find consistency when life throws you a curveball.
So what’s the best thing you can do if you realize that you’ve been falling short on how you approach your health and fitness goals?
Start by doing a little bit more today because it’s never too late to get started. So, if you’re using Murph as an extra bit of motivation to get you going — and even if you’re not — aim for consistency and a little improvement this week because the best time to start was yesterday, and the next best time to start is today.

Mon: Skill: Rope Climb, 18min AMRAP- Double Unders, Sit- Ups, Slam balls, Rope Climbs
Tues: Strength: Back Squat, “Punch Out”- Run, Thruster, Burpee over Bar
Wed: Strength: Hang Power Snatch+ Power Snatch, 8min AMRAP- Power Snatch, Back Rack Lunges, Toes to bar, then for time Power Snatch, Lunges, Toes to Bar. 
Thurs: Strength: Bench Press, EMOM- Hand Release Push- Ups, Up- Downs, Russian Twists, Strict Ring Dips, Rest
Fri: Strength: Deadlift, Workout- Bike, Box Jump, Deadlift, Bike
Sat: 2x12min AMRAP- Wallball, Push Jerk, Chest to Bar
Sun: “Gut Check”- Cal Row, Russian KBS, Slam Ball, V- Ups
#MainlineMonday; CFML’s High Powered Open Gym Workout Of The Week:

20-Minute EMOM (“Till Death Do Us Part”):
5 Power Snatch (95/65 LBs)
5 Toes-to-Bars
5 Thrusters (95/65 LBs)
5 Bar-facing Burpees
Time Cap: 30 Minutes

If you fail before 20 rounds, take 1-minute rest and continue until you accumulate 21 rounds. Each time you fail, add one more round in the end.

Scaling Options:Scaling the reps down to 4 or even 3 is possible as well as lowering the weight in order to finish the workout within the 30 min cap.

Some advice from the Coaches: “​​Rest needs to be somewhere between 10-15 seconds. Try to transition quick!”


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Wayne Retest Day!
(In- Body and Workout) Saturday, 5/21

Ardmore Barbell has an additional time!
Join Coach Mark at 6:30pm every Thursday in addition to your Sunday Barbell. Starting this Thursday, 5/19.


On Friday, May 27, 2022, The Main Line CrossFit in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, will host the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event!
Starting at 09:30 on Friday the 27th, athletes will perform a “Hero WOD” every hour for 24 straight hours. Learn more here This 24 hour event serves as a fundraiser for 23rd Veteran  (https://23rdveteran.org/)

#FearlessFriday; CFML’s calorie torching, muscle building workout of the week:

Deadlift (1×3 (70%) / 1×3 (80%) / 1×3(90%)

35/28 Cal Bike
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
10 Deadlifts (255/175)|(175/115)
35/28 Cal Bike

This workout will be a leg burner and a challenge to the core. The Cal Bike should be a sprint at 80-85% effort. Moving into the Box Jump Overs the legs will already be pumped up so jumping will be a challenge. The Deadlifts will further tax the legs and the heavy breathing from the Box Jump Overs will make it harder to keep the core braced. Moving back onto the Cal Bike the legs will feel heavy and it will be a fight to the finish.


Memorial Day Schedule:

No Classes Friday, May 27th (only early AM classes, no 9:30)
No Classes Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (28th, 29th, 30th) 
Regular Schedule Resumes Tuesday, May 31st.


Meet our partner in Chiropractic’s Josh Finley!
Josh Finley is a Physical Therapist and Board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist who utilizes evidence-based manual therapy and physical exercise interventions to effectively and efficiently correct movement dysfunction and biomechanical imbalances, reduce pain, prevent injury, and rehabilitate post-operative conditions to maximize function and performance. Learn more about him and his services here

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