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Platinum WOD, June 6, 2022

PL 6.6.22

2 min warm up Walk/Stair Climb

If you have stairs then walk up and down at a conversational pace for 2 mins. If no stairs then walk around or outside of the house for 2 mins while singing your favorite song (out loud if you dare).
Metcon (Time)
Complete 5 rounds of:
10 Med Ball Ground to Overhead
10 Med Ball Squats
10 Med Ball Crossovers
20 High Knees (10/leg)
10 Push Ups
30 sec Stretch Intervals, Perform each of the following stretches for 30 secs:
Hold onto Rings or Pole with knees slightly bent, try to keep back straight as you bend over to stretch with both feet facing forward.
Same Stretch with both feet facing to the left
Same Stretch with both feet facing to the right
Stand with feet just outside of shoulder width and perform Trunk Twists
Stand tall and bend arm 90 degrees. Place arm on pole and turn away from arm for a gentle stretch. Repeat on other side.
Reach up tall over your head, onto your tip toes and inhale in then exhale as you lower your arms and return to standing

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