Weekly Breakdown, 7/4/22

Happy 4th of July! We hope you are taking a hard earned rest day. Did you know the magic happens in between your workouts? We all work out for different reasons, but for the vast majority of people, our “why” for exercising can be categorized into some combination of these three:

We’re training to look a certain way, which means we’re training to either build lean muscle or burn off excess body fat.

We’re training for long-term health and longevity.

We’re training for performance and sport.

Regardless of which of these categories you fall into, rest days are crucial because, in order to make progress towards any of these goals, you need to create adaptations in the body. That adaptation does not happen when you exercise.

Exercise is the stressor that creates the opportunity for favorable adaptations like muscle gain, fat loss, better cardiovascular resilience, or higher work capacity. But those adaptations are not happening during your actual workouts. The real magic happens in between your workouts while you’re recovering.


Mon: Workout: Cal Row, Thrusters, Pull-Ups, Wall Balls, Cal Row
Tues: Workout: Double Unders, Burpees, Tempo Deadlifts
Wed: Strength: Push Jerks, Workout: Cal Bike, Push Jerks
Thurs: Workout: Power Cleans, Front Squat, Toes to Bar
Fri: Workout: Up-Down Box Jumps, Strict Handstand Push-Ups, Up-Down Box Jumps, Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Sat: Workout: Run, Kettlebell Swings, Bar Muscle-Ups
Sun: Workout: Cal Row, Alt. DB Farmers Lunges, Sit-Ups, DB Floor Press


“What Happened to Boba Fett”

100 Double Unders

80 Toes to Bar

60 Strict Press

40 Thrusters

20 Strict Pull-Ups

10 Bar Muscle Ups

Time Cap: 25 Minutes

Scaling Options:

  • 100 single unders, 100 total high knees, 100 push/pulls on the bike, or 100 double-tap jumps to the thigh without the rope, 80 sit-ups, 60 strict press (push press if needed), 40 thrusters, 20 assisted pull-ups or tempo ring rows (2 seconds row to rings + 2 seconds back to extension)
  • Lower the weight on the strict press

Advice from our coaches:

This workout is a fun chipper! The weight you choose should be light enough to handle large chunks, with impeccable form, and minimal rest between your sets. The 25-minute cap allows for you to spend some time on the jump rope but no longer than 3-4 minutes. Stay tight and you’ll feel light when you’re at the rig.


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Beginning July 8th, Wayne will be moving to 4pm and 5pm on Fridays. Check Wodify for schedule updates.


July is bring a friend month for youth classes.  If the friend joins for July and August, then the youth member gets a free month in October or November.

(Mon/Wed/Fri) 12- 2pm

$90 for the week.


With Josh Finley PT

  • Shoulder Mobility clinic @Wayne
    • July 23rd 10:00am



60 Up-Down Box Jumps 

30 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

30 Up-Down Box Jumps

15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

How to do a Strict Handstand Push-Up:

  1. Hand placement: place hands about 6-12 inches away from the wall and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure palms are facing forward, or slightly turned out 5-10 degrees.
  2. Kick up into a handstand, with your heels touching the wall. If you have trouble kicking up into the handstand, try practicing the donkey kick.
  3. Once you have kicked up, establish a strong, rigid midline position. 
  4. While maintaining this position, lower yourself until the top of your head touches the floor/mat. Try to keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle as you lower.
  5. Once your head touches the floor, press up with the same tightness you had lowering yourself, until your elbows reach full extension.

This past week on Monday and Tuesday we saw 58 PR’s between Wayne and Ardmore. Wow! Great job athletes! Your hard work is paying off and it shows!


We’re continuing to dig deeper into the CS movements with the WY negative, explained here by Josh Finley PT.

Book a session with Josh at Wayne or Ardmore

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