Weekly Breakdown, 7/11/22

Let us help you reach your goals.
Our goal is to help our athletes pursue their best self inside and outside the gym — which is why our workouts are built to energize you for your day. All of our class formats are full-body workouts that change every day. You’ll improve muscle tone, strength, flexibility, endurance, and, most importantly, your daily routine. Our classes will launch you closer to big goals — whether that means taking one less trip to carry in groceries, climbing stairs without losing your breath, being able to do pull-ups for the first time in your life — or whatever else your goals may be! This is why our classes work.


Mon: Strength: Power Snatch, Hang Power Snatch, Overhead Squat, Workout: Bike, Hang Squat Snatch
Tues: Workout: Double Unders, Row, Sit-Ups, Front Rack Lunges
Wed: Skill: Muscle Ups, Workout: Ring Muscle Ups, Power Cleans
Thurs: Workout: Slam Balls, Push-Ups, Slam Ball Russian Twists, Up-Downs
Fri: Workout: Wall Balls, Pull-Ups, Bike
Sat: Workout: Box Jumps, Handstand Push-Ups, Deadlift, Double Unders
Sun: Workout: Run, Toes to Bar, Alt. DB No Push-ups, Deadlift, Double Unders


This week’s Open Gym workout is programmed by three-time Games qualifier Lazar Dukic shared by the Morning Chalk Up.

3 Rounds for Time:

30 Calorie Row

10 Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 3:00 minutes, then

3 Rounds for Time

30 Calorie Row

15 Strict HSPU

Rest 3:00 minutes, then

3 Rounds for Time

10 Bar Muscle Ups

15 Strict HSPU

Scaling Options:

  • Scale the calories on the rower
  • Push-ups instead of Handstand Push-Ups

Advice from our coaches:

Try to go at a moderate pace on the rower, so you can keep the gymnastics part as unbroken as possible. If it’s not possible to go unbroken, try going for two sets. In the last part try to keep one of the movements unbroken and break the other up as necessary.


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Save the date and join Coach Chelsey at our Wayne location for Ladies Day! Saturday, September 24th, 2022. Stay tuned for more information.


July is bring a friend month for youth classes.  If the friend joins for July and August, then the youth member gets a free month in October or November.

(Mon/Wed/Fri) 12- 2pm

$90 for the week.



“MYMC 22.1” 


22 Wall Balls (20/14)|(14/10)

22 Pull-Ups

22/16 Cal Bike

(Score is Rounds + Reps)

Advice from our coaches:

  1. Choose a weight and a height on the wall balls that would allow for 15-20 reps unbroken when fresh.
  2. Aim for 3-4 quick sets of pull-ups. Consider reducing the number to 15-18, or scaling to ring rows if you cannot maintain 22 reps.
  3. Keep a steady but firm pace on the bike. The goal is to get off the bike and back to the wall balls.

Ardmore and Plymouth Meeting are running a 6 week challenge! We are interviewing and looking for 30 men and 30 women who want to transform their bodies this summer. This course is designed for the individual that may not be familiar with working out. This course includes meal plans with matching grocery lists and a cookbook, accountability coach with 24/7 text support, 3 exciting workouts per week, and an online portal with all the tools and resources you may need to learn how to be your best self. If you are interested in participating, ask one of our coaches! If you see a new face in the gym, make sure to introduce yourself and give them a high five!



With Josh Finley PT

The Hip clinic was a huge success! Check out what athletes had to say

Josh was thorough, professional, and demystified squat mobility by breaking it down into chewable chunks. I love a good intense hour of exercise at CFML but even without a metcon I found great value in the whole hour. I noticed a STARK difference in my squat after testing and mobilizing my posterior, I’ll be utilizing that at home! Thanks, Josh!

Bethany Hertzler, Ardmore Athlete

  • Shoulder Mobility clinic @Wayne
    • July 23rd 10:00am

Bio Hacking 101 with Dr Seema Bonney;

Get the most out of your wod by recovering vitality with specialized age mgmt & anti-aging protocols that focus on a preventative & proactive approach to health, With Dr. Seema Bonney. Enjoy this series of articles to start bio hacking at home.

Click the sample InBody above for this week’s Bio Hacking 101


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