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Daily Workout WOD, July 14, 2022


200m Run
Perform the Ankle Circuit:
25ft on heels
25ft on toes
25ft walking heels, heels, toes, toes
25ft Jog on heels
25ft jog on toes
25ft Bunny Hops
25ft Broad Jumps

Then go through the proper form and hip hinge for the KB Swings. Allow for about 5 mins here so athletes can practice and find their working weight.

Every 6 mins x 30 mins:
400m Run
15 American KB Swings (53/35)
15 Lateral Box Jump Overs (24/20)
15 Strict Hanging Knee Raises / DB Anchored Sit Ups

Work for no longer than 4 mins & 30 secs each 6 mins. Scale accordingly.
For 8 mins as a Super Set Complete:
8-10 Seated DB Strict Press
8-10 Barbell Curls (T2120)
(Rest as needed at the end of set)

No bending your back on the curls. If necessary, use a wall and push your back on it, or use lighter weights and respect the posture!
Optional Extra Work

Complete 3 sets of:
7-7-7 Barbell Curls
7-7-7 Banded Triceps Push Downs
Rest 90 secs

Complete 3 sets of:
30-45 secs Hollow Hold
Rest 30 secs
30 secs/side Bent Knee Adductor Plank on Bench
Rest 30 secs
30 secs/side Split Stance Paloff Hold
Rest 2 mins

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