Month: August 2022

  • Thursday 9/1/22

    Workout 5 SETS: ON A 4:00 RUNNING CLOCK…300/250m Row10 Up-Down Over Rower20 DB Floor Press Max Sit-Ups in Time Remaining…

  • Wednesday 8/31/22

    Strength Front Squat Workout AMRAP x 8 MINUTES35 Double Unders (50 Singles)*7 Front Squats

  • Tuesday 8/30/22

    Workout FOR TIME:11-9-7-5Power SnatchBar Muscle-Up


    Sleep Over Everything  If your goal is to put on lean muscle or improve your body composition, your training and eating will play a significant role in determining your progress. But there’s one other thing that plays a crucial part — your sleep. Studies have shown that sleep quality will impact not just muscle strength, but […]

  • Monday 8/29/22

    Workout FOR TIME:800m Run60 Alt. DB Farmer Box Step-Ups 600m Run40 Alt. DB Goblet Box Step-Overs 400m Run20 Box Jumps 200m Run

  • Sunday, 8/28/22

    Workout EMOM x 20 MINUTESMIN 1 – :40 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull MIN 2 – :40 Toes to BarMIN 3 – :40 Russian KB Swings*MIN 4 – :40 Cal Bike

  • Saturday, 8/27/22

    Workout 4 SETS*AMRAP x 6 MINUTES10-20-30 and so on…Double Unders5-10-15 and so on…Hand Release Push-Ups1-2-3 and so on…Front Squats

  • Friday, 8/26/22

    Strength 1 Power Clean+1 Hang Power Clean+1 Split Jerk Workout 10 Rounds For Time: 3 Clean and Jerks 3 Burpees Over the Bar

  • Thursday, 8/25/22

    Workout AMRAP x 22 MINUTES1000/800m Row50 Alt. Crossbody Mountain Climbers25 Ring Rows

  • Wednesday, 8/24/22

    Workout 4 SETSON A 4:00 RUNNING CLOCK400m Run20 Alt. DB Farmers Lunges Max Handstand Push-Ups in Time Remaining…