Weekly Breakdown 8/15/22

Happy 10th Anniversary CrossFit Mainline! 
CFML opened its doors on 8/18/2012.

Whether you’re trying to burn fat, gain strength, change your body composition, or just live freely and fully outside the gym, muscle matters. The next question naturally becomes “What is the best way to train in order to build and maintain muscle?”

As with most questions related to fitness and nutrition, the answer depends on a variety of factors such as your training age (how long have you been resistance training), your biological age, how much muscle you currently have, genetics, muscle fiber types, and more.

With that being said, there is one tried-and-true principle when it comes to training for muscle and strength gain that’s generally applicable to anyone looking to #GetBig.

That principle is progressive overload and it refers to the gradual increase of loading, intensity, or volume in your strength training routine as a way of challenging your body to create adaptations that will lead to muscle and strength gain over a specific period of time.

Whenever you follow a program that has you performing a specific movement week after week while gradually increasing the loading percentage or rep volume, that’s an example of progressive overload.


Mon: Workout: Deadlifts, Slam Balls, Ring Rows
Tues: Workout: Row, Burpees, Box Jumps, Run
Wed: Strength: Snatch Deadlift, Hang Snatch, Snatch: Workout: Bike, Power Snatch
Thurs: Workout: KB Upright Row, KB Static Hold, KB Horn Taps
Fri: Strength: Thruster, Workout: Run, Burpees over the Bar, Thrusters
Sat: Workout: Ring Muscle Up, Sumo Deadlift
Sun: Workout: DB Goblet Step-Ups, Bike, Hand Release Push-Ups, Single Arm DB Push Press

CrossFit Games Individual Event 9 from 8/6/22

3 Rounds for Time:

100m Sprint

20 Wall-ball shots

6 Dumbbell snatches (100/70)

Rest 4 minutes in between rounds

Scaling Options:

  • Scale the sprint to a manageable distance
  • Scale the weight on the dumbbell snatches

Advice from our coaches:

Scale the weight on the dumbbell snatch and use that time to breathe strategically. Go all out in the sprint and use the 4 minutes in between rounds to recover and catch your breath.


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CFML – ARDMORE IS MOVING! Ardmore is moving to a new location at 214 W. Lancaster Avenue on August 29. The new location boasts a larger training floor, 3 bathrooms, 17’ ceilings, Big Ass Fans, a glass garage door, 22 dedicated parking spaces, and much more. Video 3D model coming soon! 

Starting August 29th 100% of Ardmore classes will be held in our new parking lot where we will have a fully equipped outdoor gym until the buildout is complete in September. 


CrossFit Mainline’s youth program is sponsoring Bring a Friend Month for September! If the friend joins for at least 2 months, then the youth member gets a free month in October or November.  This is a great time to bring friends as school is getting ready to start.




200m Run

10 Burpees Over the Bar

4 Thrusters (155/105)/(115/75)*

-Rest Remaining Time-

*Add one rep to your Thruster Each Round. Set 1 =4 / Set 2 = 5 / Set 3 = 6 / Set 4 = 7.

Advice from our coaches:

  1. The run should take no more than 60 seconds. If it does, cut the run by 50 meters.
  2. Keep a steady, but tough pace on the burpees. Not too fast, but not too slow either.
  3. Take a breath and make sure you set up correctly before cleaning the bar for the thruster. Use a weight that you could do all 7 unbroken when fresh.

Shout out to the kids and teens beginning their journey to learn barbell movements and higher level skills like rope climbs and double unders during the summer clinic.  On only her second day using the barbell, Meghan power snatched 40#, and after only a few tries, Keith was able to get 37 double unders in a row!  Congrats!


Retail Spotlight! Have you checked out our beverages lately? We have Bang drinks available!

Wondering when to drink your bang energy drink? Well, your best bet is to take your bang energy drink 30 minutes before your workout. The idea is to have the branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and the Super-Creatine to get absorbed from your gut. These nutrients are forwarded to your muscles. This means the BCAAs head straight for the muscle where they provide the much needed amino acid for muscle building and muscle protection. This drink is great for the active CrossFitter looking for a boost!

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Your Pistol Squats
Have you been working at ankle mobility for so long and still can’t do a pistol? What if we told you ankle mobility might not be what’s holding you back? Check out this video for a list of other possible issues hindering your ability to do a pistol.

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The Reverse Plank
Need something new to add to your accessory work? This plank variation works your posterior chain in the same way that a traditional plank works your core. And it kinda looks like you’re taking a rest, which sounds great post-workout as well.

Mini Protein Cheesecakes
Yes, they are as good as they sound. These mini protein cheesecakes can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge for when you just need that after-dinner treat. Each one is also less than 100 calories and contains 5g of protein.