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Daily Workout WOD, August 24, 2022


1 min Assault Bike, Row or 200m Run
1 min Wrist Stretch on floor
1 min Pec Stretch on post
1 min Inchworm
1 min Banded Pull Apart
1 min Banded Reverse Flys
1 min Band Y’s
1 min Scapula Push Ups
HSPU Skill Work

Perform each exercise one after the other like a circuit for 6 mins:

3 x 10 sec Feet on Box Handstand Hold
5 x 5 sec/side Alternating Feet on box

5 x 5 secs Wall Walk Hold at the top
5 Tripod to Candle to Wall
5 Kipping to Wall (if easy use a deficit)

EMOM x 10 mins:
1. Max Effort (-2) Strict HSPUs / Kipping HSPUs / 6/side Alternating DB Z Press
2. 20-30 sec Hollow Hold
Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
EMOM x 20 mins:
1. Max Calorie Assault Bike / Row
2. Max Reps C2B Pull Ups/ / Pull Ups / Ring Rows
3. Max Reps Alternating DB Hang Snatch (50/35)
4. Max Reps Anchored Sit Ups
5. Rest

Keep score of total reps each round
In whatever time is remaining complete:
2 mins/side Banded Lat Stretch
Optional Extra Work

Option #1:
Every 2 mins x 20 mins:
12 sec Sprint on Assault Bike

Option #2:
Complete 3 sets of:
8/side Single Arm DB Strict Press – neutral grip
8-12 Kneeling Barbell Curls (T2120)
Rest 30 secs
12/side DB Triceps Kickbacks
Rest 2 mins

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