Prepare Today, Succeed Tomorrow 
People often talk about motivation and discipline when it comes to adopting healthy habits. It is easy to eat healthy and work out when you are motivated. The problem with motivation, however, is that it won’t always be there. 

When motivation inevitably runs dry, it will take discipline to stay on track and get the things done to move you closer to your goals. But the one piece that is often overlooked in this conversation of motivation versus discipline is preparation. 

With proper preparation and foresight, you can set yourself up for success without needing to lean too much on either motivation or discipline when making the tough decision between healthy and tempting habits.


Mon: Strength: Snatch, Workout: Deadlifts, Hang Power Snatch, Shoulder to Overhead, Wall Walks
Tues: Strength: Front Squat, Workout: Double Unders, Front Squats
Wed: Skill: False Grip Ring Rows, Ring Hold, Bottom of Ring Hold, Workout: Ring Muscle-Ups, Alt. DB Devils Press
Thurs: Workout: KB Farmer Carry, Alt. Pistols, Box Jumps, Cardio of Choice
Fri: Strength: Clean & Jerk, Workout: Power Clean & Jerk, Burpees Over Bar, Toes to Bar
Sat: Workout: Back Rack Lunges, Run, Ring Rows
Sun: Workout: Row, KB Swings, Strict Handstand Push-Ups

Today’s workout is programmed by one of the fittest men out of the United Kingdom, Joshua Al-Chamaa

3 Minutes on, 1 Minute Off (until Ski Calories are complete)

21/17 Calorie Row

21/17 Calorie Bike

200/150 Calorie Ski

Scaling Options:
If the Bike / Row Cals are taking 2+ minutes reduce to 15/11 Cals

Advice From Our Coaches:
Consistent efforts on the row and bike. Go big on the ski. 60 seconds of rest will allow you to rest your body and mind to get through this workout.


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1 Power Clean & Jerk (185/135)|(135/95)

2 Burpees Over Bar

3 Toes to Bar

Advice from our coaches:
1. Take time to set up on the Barbell Power Cleans.  We do not want to have any rounded backs for this many sets!
2. Move through each round quickly, and take your rest just before the barbell. 


Meet Coach Anthony!

  •  Married, have lived in Wayne for more than 20 years. 2 daughters.  One at Conestoga High School and another is a Freshman at Ole Miss…Go Rebs
  • My favorite Hobby is cooking..mostly Italian Dishes!
  • Practicing CF for about 8 years total, 5 with CFML, first time coaching
  • Favorite CF moves:  Power Cleans and Rope Climbs all day
  • Least Favorite.  Overhead Squats

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