Month: December 2022

  • Sunday 1/1/23

    Workout “Twenty Twenty Who?”EMOM Until CompletionMIN 1- Cal BikeMIN 2 – 22 Wall BallsMIN 3 – Max BurpeesMIN 4 – Rest *Rotate the movements OTM until 123 Burpees (Get it 1/23) have been completed.

  • Saturday 12/31/22

    Strength 3 Rep TNG Power Snatch Workout “Countdown”10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1Box Jump OversToes To BarPower Snatch

  • Friday 12/30/22

    Strength Bench Press Workout 5 Sets: AMRAP 2 Minutes10 Slam Balls8 Ring Rows7 Slam Ball Squats

  • Thursday 12/29/22

    Workout EMOM 21 MinutesMIN 1: :40 Max Cal BikeMIN 2: :40 Max Alt. Goblet LungesMIN 3: :40 Max Strict Handstand Push-Up

  • Wednesday 12/28/22

    Strength Deadlift Workout On a 3:00 Running Clock400m RunRest w/ Time Remaining On a 5:00 Running Clock600m Run15 DeadliftsRest w/ Time Remaining On a 7:00 Running Clock800m Run20 Deadlifts40 Sit Ups


    Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours 2022 has been an incredible year for us at CFML, but it’s truly just the beginning of where we want to go. In 2023, we’ll continue to never settle and bring you the best workouts and valuable content to support your fitness and health journey in every way […]

  • Tuesday 12/27/22

    Workout Part One:AMRAP 10 Minutes:2-4-6-8 and so onFront SquatsBurpees Over BarChest to Bar Pull-Ups Part Two:40 Front Squats30 Burpees Over Bar20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

  • Monday 12/26/22

    Strength Push Jerk Workout 6 Sets:32 Double Unders8 Shoulder to Overhead32 Double Unders

  • Sunday 12/25/22

    Workout ‘Reindeer Games’For Time:150/100 Cal Bike75 Pull-Ups50 DB Box Step Overs25 DB Devils Press

  • Saturday 12/24/22

    Workout ‘Son of a Nutcracker’AMRAP 18 MINUTES:100m Suitcase Carry200/150m Row15 Russian KB Swings Row increases 100m after each full round.