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Daily Workout WOD, January 20, 2023

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Daily Workout – Fri, Jan 20


200m Run

Then for 10 mins cycle through:

6/side Samson Stretch

6/side Squat to Thoracic Rotations

6/side Lateral Lunges

6/side Kneeling DB Strict Press

6/side Single Arm DB Thrusters


EMOM x 6 mins:

4-6/side Single Arm DB Push Press (moderate to heavy weight)

6 Double DB Front Rack Squats (T33X1) use the same weight as you used for the Push Press

Metcon (Time)

AQAP complete:

100 DB Thrusters (50/35 – 35/25 – 25/15)

Perform 10 Burpees over DBs every 2 mins starting at 0!

Time Cap: 10 mins

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

EMOM x 15 mins:

1. 45 sec Max Cal Assault Bike

2. Max Rep T2B / Hanging Knee Raises

(go for max reps unbroken and then go for as many as you can for the remainder of the minute)

3. Rest

Add total calories to total T2B each round for 5 scores

Optional Extra Work

Every 4 mins x 32 mins:

Alternate between 500m Row / 400m Run

Complete 4 sets of:

20-30 secs L-Sit on Paralletes or Bar

15 Feet Elevated Swiss Ball Roll Outs

10/side Banded Dead Bugs

Rest 90 secs

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Daily Workout - Thu, Jun 1

200m Run

Then complete 2-3 sets of:

6/side Hip 90/90

6/side Bird Dog (2 sec hold at the top)

6/side Fire Hydrants (2 sec hold at the top)

6 x 4 sec KB Bottom of Squat Hold

10/side Banded Lateral Walks

10 Banded Back Squats (empty barbell)

Back Squat (Complete 3 sets o: 8 reps at 50-60% of your 1RM (T30X1))
Back Squat (Complete 2 sets of: 12 reps at 40% of your 1RM Rest 90 secs between sets)

No tempo for these squats

Metcon (Time)

AQAP with a partner complete 3 rounds of:

50/40 Cal Assault Bike or 60/50 Cal Row

20 Burpee Bar MUs / Burpee Pull Ups / Burpee Hanging Knee Raises

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

40 T2B / Hanging Knee Raises

Time Cap: 24 mins

Divide reps as desired where one partner works while the other partner rests

Optional Extra Work

After Class

AQAP complete 5 rounds of:

3 Rope Climbs

3 x 25ft HS Walks / 7 Wall Walks

Complete 3 sets of:

10 Barbell bent Over Rows (TX120)

Rest 30 secs

10 DB Supine Triceps Extensions (T30X1)

Rest 90 secs