ATHLETE LEADER Of The Month This week we celebrate Jerry Keown at CFML – Ply. Mtg. Despite hip surgery in 2022, Jerry continued attending 5a class and encouraging others. His never quit, never whine attitude embodies CFML core values.

Wanna be Leader Of The Month, get a Leader jersey and parking space??? Be more like Jerry!

Stay Tuned: Throughout the month we will celebrate Wayne & Ardmore’s Leader Of The Month. 
You could read about the workouts but let Coach Brian tell you about it, 90s video.
Mon: Strength: Power Clean – Workout: Run/Row, Power Cleans
Tues: Workout: CrossFit Games Open 20.2
Wed: Strength: DeadliftWorkout: Deadlift, Burpees Over Bar
Thurs: Workout: Bike, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, Box Jump Overs, Sit-Ups
Fri: Strength: Snatch – Alt. DB Power Snatch, Handstand Push-Ups, Row
Sat: Workout: Squat Cleans, Muscle-Ups, Box Jump Overs
Sun: Strength: Push Press, Push Jerks – Workout: Ski, Shoulder to Overhead, KB Swings, Sit-Ups

The CrossFit Open!

On Feb. 16th the CrossFit community will kick off a worldwide celebration of fitness that anyone can join – the 2023 CrossFit Games Open.

Join us each Friday during the Open for Friday Night Lights! Friday Night Lights kicks off at 4pm and will last until approximately 7pm.  During this time athletes can come in and complete the Open workout heat style.  It will be the first to arrive first to go!  

The Open is a special time for CrossFit Affiliates because it’s an opportunity for members from all different classes to come together, meet, workout, and have some fun.  Ask a coach for more details and get ready to work! 

Sign up for the CrossFit Open here.


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We have some great workshops coming up with PT Josh Finley! Improve performance and increase range of motion during these 60 min clinics. 

-Saturday March 11th 10:30am Ardmore Shoulder Workshop

-Saturday April 15th 10:30am Wayne Knee Mobility Workshop 

Read more about these workshops here on our blog.


Something BIG is coming to the Main Line for our youth and teen athletes! Parisi Main Line – Ardmore opening February. Parisi is the OFFICIAL speed/strength program of the NFL, MLS, USTA, and Team USA.

Get the results that get scholarships! Coach Eric Mitchell is a Havertown native, 111 active pro-athletes, 500 college athletes, 1000+ High School athletes, and an NFL Certified Coach.

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For Time:


Alt. DB Power Snatch (50/35) | (35/20)


Handstand Push-Ups*


Cal Row**

Advice from our coaches:

1. One of our focuses for today will be on technique for cycling the DB alternating Snatch.  Choose a variation that allows you to complete large sets unbroken while controlling your heart rate.  

2. If you can complete 10 kipping HS push-ups unbroken, try going strict!  If you don’t yet have 10 HSPU, use a hand release push-up and a scale today. 

Post your workout results on facebook or instagram for a chance to win a free CFML hoodie! Don’t forget to tag us! @crossfitmainline  


The 2023 CrossFit Open is two weeks away!  This year we will be doing “Friday Night Lights” From 4pm until 7:30 (ish) pm.  Come cheer on and celebrate your friends for the Open!


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Stuff your coach is reading, hearing, watching, using or buying

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