Our Leader Of The Month For Plymouth Meeting is… Rachel Yoka! 

Rachel has been an athlete with us for the last 7 years..  I remember during her first fundamentals class she saw someone doing handstand push-ups.  Determined, she insisted we spend the rest of the 45 minutes learning how to do one!  That level of child-like excitement and determination is something we feel Rachel always brings to each class here at Plymouth.  She is a supportive friend and knows how to CHEER.  

You’ll catch Rachel this month sporting her white Leaders Jersey and posted up in her parking spot! 

You could read about the workouts but let Coach Brian tell you about it, 90s video.

Mon: Strength: Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk – Workout: Double Unders, Row, Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead
Tues: Workout: Wall Balls, Pull-Ups
Wed: Strength: DeadliftWorkout: Deadlift, Wall Walks, Box Jumps
Thurs: Workout: Run, Row, Alt. DB Hang Power Clean
Fri: Strength: Front Squat – Workout: ‘Wave Runner’
Sat: Workout: Power Snatch, Handstand Push-Ups, Bike
Sun: Workout: Hang Squat Cleans, Ski Erg, Rope Climbs 

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We have some great workshops coming up with PT Josh Finley! Improve performance and increase range of motion during these 60 min clinics. 

-Saturday March 11th 10:30am Ardmore Shoulder Workshop

-Saturday April 15th 10:30am Wayne Knee Mobility Workshop 

Read more about these workshops here on our blog.


Meet Coach Michelle! 


Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2011)

Your Education/ School:

Lycoming College,  Williamsport, PA

National Personal Training Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Argosy University 

Bachelors of Psychology from Lycoming College

Secondary Education Certification in Social Sciences from Lycoming College

Post Graduate work in Applied Sport Psychology from Argosy University

Super Secret Ninja Move (CrossFit fav movement):

 Wall Balls and Bench Press 

I CrossFit because…. 

It’s a unique approach to fitness that emphasizes both strength building and aerobic conditioning, but more importantly, fosters a sense of community unlike any other.





Front Squats (225/155)


Toes to Bar

Advice from our coaches:

  1. This workout is broken up into three sections.  Think about how a credit card is mapped out: in 4 section increments because it’s easier to remember.  Attack this workout in sections, the first being 7-5-3 front squats and 12-8-4 toes 2 bar.  Power through it, then take a quick reset before powering through the middle and end triples. 
  2. Scale the front squat weight to a weight that you could do all 7 squats unbroken when fresh.  If we are failing the clean to get it up to the shoulder it is too heavy.  

Shout out to Coach Robbie Williamson for offering TB12 pliability treatments to our members at our Plymouth Meeting location!  If you would like to schedule a session, reach out to Robbie via phone call or text at 585-216-7663.


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