Meet Wayne’s Leader of the Month Maggie Woodul!

Maggie started her CrossFit Journey with us at CFML in 2017 and when asked what keeps her motivated she said it’s because of the community!  She also loves our friendly competition and how we all push each other. And one day, she wants to be as strong as Chelsey 🙂 
She is in the 300# club for her Deadlift and it’s one of her proudest accomplishments. “I chased it for so long and after completing a solid strength cycle I was able to get over the hump.”

Maggie is always on the forefront for our hero WODs, fundraisers or competitions. Other accomplishments she’s proud of include, each year doing 24 for 24 and in 2022 did Manion RX alongside Chelsey and a member from another gym. A really memorable (and painful) experience, she recalls. Maggie not only is a rockstar in the gym but even stronger outside! Putting herself through undergrad and grad degree while working full time.

Outside of the gym you can find Maggie Traveling, visiting new breweries, hanging out with her husband, friends, and dogs. 

You could read about the workouts but let Coach Brian tell you about it, 90s video.

Mon: Workout: ‘NCFIT GIRLS’
Tues: Strength: Power Snatch – Workout: ‘Anniebel’’
Wed: Skill: Rope Climb – Workout: ‘Rapunzel”’
Thurs: Strength: DeadliftWorkout: ‘Rosie The Riveter’
Fri: Strength: Thruster – Workout: ‘Fran’
Sat: Workout: ‘Laura’
Sun: Workout: ‘Triple Threat’ 

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Plymouth Meeting


We have a great workshop coming up with PT Josh Finley! Improve performance and increase range of motion during this 60 min clinic. 

-Saturday, April 15th, 10:30 am Wayne Knee Mobility Workshop 

Read more about this workshop here on our blog.


Meet Coach Manisha from CFML Plymouth Meeting!

“Growing up, I’ve always been active, participating in High school sports, including field hockey, swimming and squash. These life experiences nurtured my journey towards the philosophy of CrossFit, which I have followed as an athlete since 2012, and as a certified trainer since 2016. The single most important thing Manisha loves about CrossFit is its ability to make a positive impact on people’s physical and mental well-being. I specialize in working with people of all age groups (children and adolescents, adults, and masters), and am passionate about guiding them to develop good form, cultivate better life-skills, and make healthier choices. To me, CrossFit goes beyond the workout: it is about helping each individual discover their own potential. And there is nothing more rewarding for me than to see people uncover their potential and progress towards their goals.” -Manisha


* Certified CrossFit Trainer Level 3 (CCFT)

* CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

* CrossFit Kids

* USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach

* CPR/AED Certified

* Burgener Strength Weightlifting certification

* Adaptive Training certificate

* CrossFit Gymnastics

Learn more about our team here.




Thrusters, 95# / 65#


Advice from our coaches:

  1. The most important thing about “Fran” is to keep the stimulus.  Fron should be a 3-7 minute Sprint workout, and mostly unbroken.  To achieve this, use lighter weights, less reps on the pull-ups, etc to scale appropriately. Lets Crush It! 
  1. If it’s your first time doing Fran and you do not yet have pull-ups, we recommend a 7 minute amrap to achieve the right stimulus! 

Shout out to CFML Ardmore members Terri Gartenberg and Heather Hollis who lifted at Masters Nationals this past week in Valley Forge. Terri took gold and Heather took silver! Congratulations!


How to Recover from Benchmark Week – Coach Brian

We have a Benchmark week this week!  This means fun, named workouts that we will definitely see again in the next 3-9 months.  Make sure to take care of yourself using these suggestions:

Hydration: use the Galpin Equation: your body weight divided by 30 = ounces of water you need per 15 minutes of exercise.  You do a 60 minute crossfit class, so that’s about 45 minutes of hard work.  (Cited from Dr. Andy Galpin, Phd.  Dr. Galpin is a professor of Anatomy & Physiology at California state university). 

Stretch: Do these 3 stretches every night this week before relaxing / bedtime.  Stretching lengthens muscles and reduces the time it takes for muscles to heal after exercise.  

  • Couch Stretch x 3 minutes each leg
  • Pigeon Stretch x 3 minutes each leg
  • Overhead child’s pose stretch x 2-5 minutes 

Carb Up!  Make sure to fuel yourself properly for the workouts.  Try eating some simple carbohydrates 1.5 hours before your class, such as a banana or some honey.  After your workout grab a protein shake and have your post workout meal heavy on carbs and protein.  

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