We have a very special duo for our Leader[s] Of The Month!  Meet Michaelle and Roberto Khatchadorian.  Roberto and Michaelle joined Plymouth Meeting nearly 8 years ago, and have stayed consistent with their fitness during that time.  They’ve passed along a lifestyle of health and weekly exercise to their three daughters: Lia, Alicia, and Vanessa who all also workout here with us!  Cultivating a healthy family amongst life’s trials is never easy.  We’re proud to share the workout floor each week with this awesome fit fam. 

You could read about the workouts but let Coach Brian tell you about it, 90s video.

Mon: Strength: Deadlift – Workout: ‘Grenade’
Tues: Skill: Gymnastics – Workout: Handstand Push-Ups, Single DB Box Step Overs, Alt. DB Snatches
Wed: Workout: Row, Rope Climb, KB Swing
Thurs: Strength: Shoulder PressWorkout: Wall Walk, Shoulder to Overhead, Toes to Bar
Fri: Strength: Back Squat- Workout: Bike, Back Rack Alt. Lunges
Sat: Strength: Power Clean – Workout: ‘David and Goliath’
Sun: Workout: Ski Erg, Burpees box step-ups, Jump rope, Toes 2 bar, hang power cleans, Pull-ups 

Join CFML Ardmore as we do Manion! Saturday April 29th at 9:00am. Register and donate using the QR code. Register by April 12th to receive your t-shirt on site for the event. There will be no classes at Wayne or Plymouth Meeting Saturday April 29th. Join us at Ardmore!


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Plymouth Meeting


We have a great workshop coming up with PT Josh Finley! Improve performance and increase range of motion during this 60 min clinic. Sign up in Wodify to reserve your spot.

-Saturday, April 15th, 10:30 am Wayne Knee Mobility Workshop 

Read more about this workshop here on our blog.


Shout out to CFML Wayne members Eliza Meals and Nathan Christman for getting married last week. Congratulations! 



50/40 Cal Bike

100 Back Rack Alt. Lunges (95/65)

Max Cal Bike w/ Time Remaining…

Advice from our coaches:

  1. Keep an uncomfortable, but consistent pace on the first bike.  We want to move quickly, but remember there is a lot left to do!
  2. Focus on keeping the weight of the lunges in your front leg.  Do not rest on your back knee during the down portion of the rep.  

Shout out to Main Line Coaches Kelli and Robbie!  Coach Kelli completed her Parisi certification this weekend.  Coach Robbie hosted a seminar this weekend at Black Ops Fitness (Delaware) and had an awesome turnout. Check out the rest of our team here.


Have you tried our Whey protein? Whey Protein can help support your daily protein needs (essential to building MUSCLES).  Besides building muscle, protein also regulates your metabolism, and has a ton of micronutrients to support a healthy lifestyle.  Mix one scoop into water or milk after a class, or use it to make dishes like oatmeal or fruit smoothies! Coach Brian’s favorite: Vanilla! Grab a tub today!

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