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Daily Workout WOD, April 21, 2023

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Daily Workout – Fri, Apr 21


200m Run

1 min/side Couch Stretch

Then complete 3 sets of:

10/side Banded Clams

10/side Single Leg Hip Thrusts off of bench

10 Banded Squats

2 x 25ft Walk on toes

2 x 25ft Walk on heels

6 x 25ft Shuttle Run

Wide Stance Box Squat (Every 90 secs x 12 mins:
3 Wide Stance Box Squats (at 85% or 8 challenging reps)
2 Hurdle Jumps)
With feet about 5-6" wider then normal stance perform High Bar Back Squats to bench about 13-15" high where shins are vertical at bottom.

For the squats you can either use a touch and go method with a 2 sec descent, or the rock back on the bench. In both options ensure to maintain perfect bracing.

For the Hurdle Jumps you can use a PVC pipe on top of a box weighted down my a plate. Jump over then back.

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

Every 4 mins x 24 mins:

12 x 25ft Shuttle Runs or 200m Run

15 OH Squats / Front Squats / Back Squats (115/80 – 135/95 – 155/105)

20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Mark down time completed each round

For Shuttle Runs down and back = 1 rep

Optional Extra Work

Before Class

10-8-6-4 Behind the neck Snatch Grip Strict press

Every 90 secs x 9 mins:

2 Snatch Balance

(build to a heavy 2 rep for the day)

Every 2 mins for 12 mins:

1 Hang Snatch Pull + 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

(build to a heavy but perfect complex for the day)

After Class

Complete 3 sets of:

15 Banded Hollow Pull Overs (30 sec of work minimum)

45 sec Feet Elevated Ring Plank

45 se/side Side Plank