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Daily Workout WOD, April 26, 2023

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Daily Workout – Wed, Apr 26


200m Run

90 secs/side Couch Stretch

Then for 6 mins cycle through:

8/side OH Reverse Lunges

8/side Landmine Single Leg Deadlifts

8/side Lateral Step Ups (down in 2 secs)

Back Squat (In 13 mins build to a heavy 8 rep in 4 sets)
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP x 15 mins:

6 C2B Pull Ups / Pull Ups / Ring Rows

9 Push Ups

12 Jumping Squats

Rest 1 min

In Class Shoulder Health

In the time remaining complete 2-3 sets of:

15 Banded Face Pulls

15 DB reverse Flys with thumbs up

12 Prone Swimmers

Rest as needed

Optional Extra Work

Progressive Test on Assault Bike

Begin at a moderate pace for 3 mins (about 50 RPMs)

Every 3 mins increase your intensity by about 5 RPMs until you reach exhaustion

(exhaustion = you cannot maintain the RPMs for more than 20 secs)