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Daily Workout WOD, May 16, 2023

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Daily Workout – Tue, May 16


EMOM x 6 mins:

1. 40 secs of Inchworms to Push Up

2. 40 sec Shuttle Run

Metcon (Distance)

AMRAP x 25 mins:

Max distance on the cardio machine of your choice!

Every 3 mins (starting at 0:00) alternate between sets of the following:

15 DB Anchored Sit Ups

40 DUs / Singles

For this one, start at almost aconversational pace for the first 6 mins. Then, at 9 mins, check your pace and see if it is one you can maintain for the duration of the workout.

Bench Press (In 12 mins complete the following rep scheme:
(rest up to 90 secs between sets))

Suggested percentages:

1st wave of 10-8-6: 60-65-70%

2nd wave of 10-8-6: 65-70-75%

Optional Extra Work

After Class:

Complete 4 sets of:

7(-1) Incline DB Bench Press

Rest 30 secs

8-12/side Incline Bench DB Alternated Curls

Rest 30 secs

15 Banded Flys

Rest 90 secs