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Daily Workout WOD, May 17, 2023

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Daily Workout – Wed, May 17


200m Run

1 min Dynamic Deep Lunges

1 min Banded Psoas march

1 min Banded Hip Thrusts

1 min Banded Fire Hydrants (3 sec hold at the top)

1 min Banded Squats

Then complete the following:

10 Barbell Good Morning to Back Squat

Then 3 sets x5 of the same movement for you Back Squat Warm Up

Pause Back Squats (In 16 mins complete 7 sets of:
3 Paused Back Squats (building))
Perform the Back Squat movement pausing for 1 sec at 90 degrees on the way down

In 22 mins complete 4 sets of the following:

400m Run

8-10 Strict Pull Ups

15-20 Push Ups

25 Air Squats

200m Run

Rest 1 min

For this one, the total volume is the goal and not necessarily the highest intensity.

Aim for the highest number of reps. If you have to use more than 2 sets to compete the reps then scale down the movement.

In Class Stretch

After a quick recovery from the workout, use the remaining time for the following:

1 min/side Pigeon Stretch

Optional Extra Work

Before or After Class:

6-4-2-6-4-2-6-4-2 Hang Power Cleans (above the knees)

Rest up to 2 mins between sets

1st Wave of 6-4-2: 70-72-75%

2nd wave of 6-4-2: 72-77-80%

3rd wave of 6-4-2: 77-825-85%